UP Tweaks Locomotive Livery

Union Pacific is tweaking its locomotive livery.

Locomotives will continue to be painted Armour yellow and gray with red trim, but the American flag decal is being downsized and moved from the flanks to the side of the locomotive nose ahead of the cab.

It is the first change UP has made to its livery in more than 20 years.

The long hood also will feature red “Union Pacific” lettering.

As reported by Trains magazine on its website, UP officials said they moved the flag because it did not wear well on the long hood. UP began placing American flags on the long hoods of its locomotives in 2001.

Also changing will be the front of the locomotive nose. Currently, UP locomotives wear wings with the company shield.

But the wings bend around to the side of the nose, which would infringe on the new location for the flag. So UP has decided to increase the size of the shield on the nose, but drop the wings.

It will take time to introduce the new design to UP’s fleet of more than 7,000 locomotives.

Locomotives will be repainted as they enter a shop for an overhaul or to repair wreck damage.

UP is inviting trackside photographers to tag their photographs of the new look locomotives on social media with @Union Pacific so the company can see where the engines are being spotted

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