MDOT Seeks Proposals for Detroit Intermodal Facility

The Michigan Department of Transportation is seeking proposals for an intermodal facility in Detroit to serve Amtrak and intercity bus routes.

The proposed facility would expand and improve the existing Detroit Amtrak station, which is located in the New Center neighborhood.

MDOT envisions renovating the existing Amtrak station while also upgrading the boarding area. A bus loading area would be located on the north side of the facility.

The bus station itself would be located on the south side of the Canadian National tracks used by Amtrak and be connected to the Amtrak station via a tunnel.

The proposed facility would be named the New Center Intermodal Facility and, officials said, feature improved safety and faster boarding and unloading. It would have a place to buy tickets, handle baggage and wait for trains and buses on the north side of the tracks.

The bus station would have  drop-off and pick-up areas for taxis and ride sharing services as well as connections to the QLine streetcar and other public transit services.

Construction could begin in 2024 and be completed two years later.

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