Deshler B&O Station Being Razed

The former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station in Deshler has been in rough shape for years. It is shown on June 22 2014 during an Akron Railroad Club longest day outing there.

The former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station in Deshler is being razed.

The structure, which is owned by CSX, has been in a state of disrepair for several years. It suffered significant damage during an April 2002 derailment of a coal train.

Deshler last hosted passenger trains on May 1, 1971, and CSX ceased using the depot in the 1990s.

A local historical society told CSX it was interested in buying the station, but the railroad demanded it be moved to another location. The $100,000 estimated cost of moving the L-shaped structure was more than the group could afford.

Deshler is a junction point of two former B&O routes, both of which continue to be major traffic arteries for CSX. The B&O routes were the Chicago-Pittsburgh and Toledo-Cincinnati mainlines.

The station was situated in the northwest quadrant of that crossing. DR Tower, which controlled the junction is located in the northeast quadrant.

The tower closed in 1988 but remains in use by the CSX maintenance of way department.

A railfan park is located in the southwest quadrant of the junction.

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