Transborder Freight Up 15.4% in June

Freight moving by rail among the United States, Canada and Mexico in June was up 15.4 percent to $18.9 billion worth of goods compared with $16.4 billion in June 2021 The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported last week.

Freight moved in June by all modes of transportation among the three countries was $141.2 billion in value, a 21.8 percent increase compared with June 2021.

In June 2022, rail freight was 13.4 percent of all transborder freight. Traffic between the United States and Canada in June was $11.1 billion worth of goods, while cargo moved between the United States and Mexico via rail was $7.7 billion.

Two of the three busiest rail border ports during June were in Michigan: Detroit and Port Huron. The other was Laredo, Texas.

The bureau said the top three commodities transported by rail were vehicles and parts; minerals and fuels; and plastics.

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