Durfee Conrail Book to be Released April 1

Presale orders have begun for a book written by Akron resident Roger Durfee about the early Conrail era. Conrail Rainbow Era: Northeast Ohio is the fifth in a series published by The Garbelly Publishing Comapny.

It is being sold for $45 and will be released on April 1.

In a Facebook post Durfee indicated the book focuses on Conrail operations in Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown and nearby areas. It contains 160 color images.

The publisher’s website described the content of the book as showing “Conrail’s Alco locomotives, F-units, and first-generation power in the railroad’s earliest years. A smattering of freshly painted Conrail blue locomotives and leased power from other railroads mingled with the patched power from Conrail’s predecessors, adding to the color palette.”

Durfee is a retired conductor for Norfolk Southern who once worked for Conrail.

The book can be ordered at https://store.garbelypublishing.com/conrailvol5/

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