NS to Keep 2023 Capital Spending ‘Steady’

Norfolk Southern’s plans for capital spending this year are in a “steady state,” one of its top executives said recently at a conference.

As reported by Trains magazine on its website, Ed Boyle, NS vice president of engineering, said much of the capital expenditures will be focused on rail and tie replacement.

Speaking to the National Railroad Contractors & Maintenance conference, Boyle said a focus of work this year will involve expanding capacity of its corridors between Chicago and Jacksonville, Florida, via Cincinnati, and between Atlanta and New Orleans/Mobile, Alabama.

Five sidings will be expanded including one at Campbellstown, Ohio, on the New Castle District. That siding will be lengthened to 15,000 feet.

Work on the Campbellstown siding began in 2022. The New Castle District between Cincinnati and New Castle, Indiana, is a former Pennsylvania Railroad route that once continued to Chicago.

During 2023, NS expects to replace 2.225 million ties, resurface 2,000 miles of track, install 425 new panel turnouts, and install or replace 31,000 bridge ties. Forty-one bridges will be replaced and 79 bridges will be rebuilt.

The story can be read at https://www.trains.com/trn/news-reviews/news-wire/ns-holds-steady-with-2023-capital-plans/

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