PUCO Approves Grade Crossing Projects

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved grade crossing projects involving two regional railroads.

The Indiana & Ohio will install flashing lights and gates and reconstruct surfaces at the U.S. 68/Broadway Street crossing in Midland and the T.R. 1497/Wilson’s Lane crossing in Berne Township.

The Midland project is fully funded by federal grants totaling $497,009, while the Berne Township project is partly funded by a federal grant of $408,836.

I&O will pay the remaining $65,689 of the project. Both projects are to be completed by Oct. 11, 2023.

Ohio South Central Railroad will install flashing lights at two crossings on Ohio Route 93 in Jackson County by Jan. 11, 2024.

PUCO is providing a grant of $7,500 for the project from the state’s Grade Crossing Protection Fund. The railroad will pay any remaining costs.

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