NS Reroutes Via the Bayard

The pilot getting off of 35N at Alliance
35N at Wellsville
35N at Salineville
14N sits west of Alliance

On Wednesday morning the Pennsylvania Railroad heritage unit was leading train 14N and I thought that would be a perfect train to chase down the Cleveland Line single main and possibly catch a few other trains as well.

I arrived at Alliance at 11a.m. just in time to watch a double-stack train go east on the mainline. 

This was not a good sign. Had NS reopened the mainline through the wreck area at East Palestine?  It turned out they had not done so yet but would have a track open in a few hours.

The 14N was holding west of town and would spend the rest of the afternoon there before the crew outlawed. 

I knew of a couple westbound trains that were coming so I went to Wellsville to try and catch them.  I missed a 25P but I did find a 35N and chased that train back to Alliance.

It was almost dark when 35N left Alliance heading for Cleveland.

There were two more westbounds, a 171 and a 15N, but these both came after dark so no photos of them.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

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