Video Show Possible Defect 20 Miles Before Derailment

A Pittsburgh newspaper reported that security cameras appeared to show a fiery axle on a rail car that was part of the Feb. 3 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine.

The Post-Gazette said two cameras in Salem, about 20 miles west of East Palestine captured the views.

Earlier a National Transportation Safety Board member has reported a defect detector had alerted the crews to a defect and the locomotive engineer had begun applying the train’s brakes before the derailment.

One of the security cameras is located adjacent to a defect detector in Salem. The NS Fort Wayne Line also has a defect detector located in East Palestine.

The train was en route to Conway Yard near Pittsburgh.

In the meantime, the resumption of rail traffic through East Palestine on Wednesday night displeased the town’s mayor who said the railroad should have waited until all residents were able to return to their homes.

Cleveland TV station WKYC reported that Mayor Trent Conaway said he feared that cleanup workers would spread hazardous materials on roads.

The mayor acknowledged there was nothing he could do to stop NS from operating. The Class 1 railroad told city officials it would operate street sweepers to pick up debris on the roads.

Another news report said the East Palestine fire department has all of its gear out of service due to the fire caused by the derailment.

East Palestine Fire Chief Keith Drabeck said various fire departments, including from South Carolina, have been sending backup gear to his department.

Fire fighters in East Palestine are figuring out what equipment then can and can’t use because of contamination.

A fourth lawsuit has been filed in connection with the derailment. The plaintiffs are East Palestine residents and allege that NS was negligent. The suit was filed in a federal court.

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