Medical Clinic to Open in East Palestine

A medical clinic was to open in East Palestine to address the concerns of residents about symptoms and the effects of exposure to the aftermath of a Norfolk Southern derailment on Feb. 3 that leaked hazardous materials.

East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway said the clinic was expected to be open by Tuesday,

In another development, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said tests have shown that any chemicals sent skyward by smoke plumes from the derailment to the Ohio River have dissipated. He said tests of the river water showed the chemicals are gone.

Some of the chemicals had reached the Ohio River after spilling into streams and tributaries feeding into the Ohio.

Mayor Conaway also said a wheel-wash containment station was being set up to remove mud from truck wheels leaving the derailment site.

Officials fear some of the mud contains hazardous substances from the derailment.

The mayor said trucks removing debris from the derailment site will be required to be covered with tarps to minimize contaminated dust getting into the air.

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