Membership Information

Membership in the Akron Railroad Club is open to anyone with an interest in railroads. Dues are $16 a year for adults and $8 a year for junior members (ages 12-17).

To join the Akron Railroad Club, contact the secretary for a membership application or attend a meeting and let us know that you would like to join the club.

Upon completion, the application will be submitted to a vote by the membership.  Dues are payable upon being accepted into membership.


3 Responses to “Membership Information”

  1. Baron Von Krogg Says:

    Just had some free time to sit back and read everything that had
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  2. Dan Webster Says:

    I am doing research on the Railway Surgeons. Does anyone know where the Railroad Hospital was in Columbus Ohio??? I know the shops were at Spruce Street and 20th but I have not found information about the hospital which I believe operated until the mid-20th Century. Thanks

  3. jerry w moore Says:

    I was in the service with Jerry Joe Jacobson. I recently heard his name mentioned on a public television program. I would really like to contact Jerry Joe just for old time’s sake. Please have him contact me via email if he so desires.

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