2010 Picnic at Warwick Park

It wouldn’t be an Akron Railroad Club picnic without Chef Marte manning the grill. This year he was assisted by Rick Houck. (Photographs by Craig Sanders except as noted)

More than 40 Akron Railroad Club members and guests enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, picnic food and a handful of CSX trains at the annual ARRC picnic held July 25, 2010, at Warwick Park in Clinton. There were showers in the morning, but by mid-afternoon the rain clouds had moved on and the temperatures held steady in the 80s with low humidity.

The park is located next to the CSX Chicago-Pittsburgh mainline (ex-Baltimore & Ohio). CSX traffic was about a train an hour until early afternoon when the action died. Indeed, we did not see an eastbound movement for the rest of the day.

A flurry of westbounds came through in late afternoon-early evening, but that was about it. It didn’t help matters that severe weather in northwest Indiana hindered CSX operations.  All told, we spotted a dozen trains on CSX.

As expected, the R.J. Corman line into Warwick was silent. The Corman and its tenant Ohio Central ceased using the line on Sunday last year.

As always, Chef Marte (a.k.a. Marty Surdyk) dished out the burgers and hot dogs while manning the grill. He was assisted this year by apprecintice Rick Houck. No word yet on whether Rick passed his apprenticeship or if he will need to serve yet another unpaid and underappreciated internship next year.

The tally shows that we consumed 72 hamburgers and 40 hot dogs. Also on hand to much on were baked beans, cookies, brownies, watermelon, potato salad and various chips.

Nearly all of the club’s junior members were on hand. In mid-afternoon, they bolted for points east, as in east of Akron. Seems that ARRC member David Mangold was at the controls of an eastbound Norfolk Southern train and they wanted to hear him blow the horn as he passed by Ravenna.

Trains at Warwick Park, Clinton, Ohio, July 25, 2010

7:50 a.m.         K381 (CSX 8800)

8:35 a.m.         Q138 (CSX 8103, 4039, 5467)

9:39 a.m.         Q389 (BNSF 4928, 1020)

11:45 a.m.       S135 (CSX 4821, 7898)

12:35 p.m.       Q375 (CSX 7848, 8821, 7906)

12:40 p.m.       K518 (CSX 827, 4758)

1:19 p.m.         Q136 (CSX 898, 825)

2:03 p.m.         N850 (CSX 7534, 7694)

2:38 p.m.         D750 (CSX 8527, 2770)

6:45 p.m.         Q135 (CSX 5205, 5391)

6:55 p.m.         Q353 (CSX 5402, 2334, 8406, 326)

7:30 p.m.         E950 (CSX 20, 4592)

Robert Surdyk practices his jump shot on the court at Warwick Park.

J. Gary Dillon (left) and John Puda.

Dennis Taksar (orange shirt) and Eli Rantannes help themselves in the “buffet” line as a crowd of hungry ARRC members eye the offerings.

Denny Romain (left) and J. Gary Dillon work their way throught the buffet line.

Paul Wooding (left) and Tom Ward fill their plates. There was plenty to choose from.

At the ARRC picnic, a chef’s work is never done.

Galen Hoover prepares to fill his plate.

Clint Ensworth Jr. (left) and Richard Jacobs chat with Rick Houk (out of view).

Dennis Taksar (background) is still diving into his meal while Todd Dillon rests between courses.

Roger Durfee (left) talks railroad operations with John Puda.

Paul Woodring still has plenty on his plate.

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Rantannes enjoy their meal.

Bob Farkas joints Dave Shepherd (left) and Paul Wooding.

Now tell me again, Jake, how to you focus this darn thing?

Assistant Chef Rick Houck minds the hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill as Chef Marte takes a break.

Jerry Dietry (left) and Rick Houck catch up on the latest news in their lives.

Jim Mastrommatteo eyes the fare on the buffet table.

Rich Antibus (left) and Jim Mastrommatteo discuss the merits of the watermelon on the buffet table.

It may have been late afternoon, but Robert MacCallum (left) and Tim Krogg found there was plenty left to eat.

Sharing fellowship are (from left clockwise) Paul Havasi, Dave Shepherd Jim Mastrommatteo and Tim Krogg.

Rich Antibus (right) provides Chef Marte with a complete and comprehensive list of CSX trains that we will see today. “They’re coming and will be here soon,” Rich assured Marty.

With their plates cleared, ARRC members (left to right) Gary Spencer, Tim Krogg and Paul Havasi share a few railfanning stories.

Also sharing a few railfan stories are (left to right) Tom Goughnour, Denny Romain and J. Gary Dillon.

Bob Rohal and Craig Sanders enjoy a laugh about the club president’s effort to “crop” Paul Woodring’s face out of the scene. (Photograph by Roger Durfee)

ARRC 2010 picnic starts with chef Marty getting the grill going with much “supervision.” (Photograph by Richard Jacobs)

ARRC members at the chow line of the 2010 annual ARRC picnic at Warwick Park. (Photograph by Richard Jacobs)

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  1. Richard Thompson Says:

    The horn is not the only reason we went to see Dave. We also wanted to get more action too.

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