2011 Dave McKay Day

Q157 has the attention of three Akron Railroad Club members during the 7th annual Dave McKay Day outing at Berea. From left are Drew Deneher, Marty Surdyk and Craig Sanders

Q157 has the attention of three Akron Railroad Club members during the 7th annual Dave McKay Day outing at Berea. From left are Drew Deneher, Marty Surdyk and Craig Sanders


More than 20 Akron Railroad Club members turned out on April 2, 2011, for the 7th annual Dave McKay outing. The members saw 71 train movements on CSX and Norfolk Southern during the 15 hours that at least one club member was on site.

Dennis Taksar was the first arrival at 5:35 a.m. and was there when the last members left about 8:30 p.m. Also on hand for most of the day was John Puda.

The following is the train log that Puda kept throughout the day.

NR          NR          UP (NR)                5:52 a.m. (on CSX)

Q149      WB         CSXT 7600           6:35 a.m.

X096      EB          NR                         6:59 a.m. (on CSX)

Q114      EB          CSXT 5428           7:06 a.m.

20Q        EB          NS 9805                7:08 a.m.d

Q263      WB         CSXT 308             7:16 a.m.

21T         WB         NS 7508                7:20 a.m.

20V        EB          NS 7542                7:21 a.m.

Q366      EB          CSXT 4745           7:30 a.m.

24Z         EB          NS 8450                7:55 a.m.

S393       WB         CSXT 5484           8:06 a.m.

L163       WB         CSXT 7584           8:54 a.m.

11J          WB         NS 2615                9:12 a.m.

K689      WB         CSXT 936             9:28 a.m.

Q385      WB         CSXT 4722           9:35 a.m.

205         WB         NS 8898                10:05 a.m.

20R         EB          NS 6765                10:10 a.m.

Q164      EB          CSXT 5300           10:28 a.m.

242         EB          NS 9703                10:29 a.m.

Q160      EB          CSXT 7375           10:30 a.m.

D752      EB          CSXT 6119           10:51 a.m.

N859      EB          BSNF 9940           11:03 a.m. (on CSX)

34N        EB          NS 9425                11:09 a.m.

22K        EB          NS 9679                11:53 a.m.

21Z         WB         NS 9633                12:06 p.m.

145         WB         NS 8726                NR

Q122      EB          CSXT 4749           NR

Q377      WB         CSXT 3443           NR

V818      EB          CSXT 4759           NR

206         EB          NS 9550                1:59 p.m.

Q351      WB         CSXT 7633           2:07 p.m.

261         WB         NS 2635                2:13 p.m.

D752      WB         CSXT 8305           2:19 p.m.

24M        EB          NS 9265                2:23 p.m.

Q378      EB          CSXT 4797           2:41 p.m.

20E         EB          NS 7556                2:57 p.m.

14K        EB          NS 9860                3:15 p.m.

Q108      EB          CSXT 7363           3:15 p.m.

18N        EB          NS 9687                3:23 p.m.

Q386      EB          CSXT 5312           3:42 p.m.

Q393      WB         CSXT 4785           3:42 p.m.

316         EB          NS 9761                3:51 p.m.

21G        WB         NS 8348                3:54 p.m.

Q110      EB          CSXT 778             3:58 p.m.

Q123      WB         CSXT 5382           3:58 p.m.

M1V       WB         NS 6773                4:17 p.m.

Q148      EB          CSXT 7332           4:24 p.m.

Q157      WB         CSXT 7827           4:30 p.m.

15N        WB         NS 8315                4:45 p.m.

Q364      EB          CSXT 7683           4:47 p.m.

21Q        WB         NS 9803                4:58 p.m.

262         EB          NS 9716                5:07 p.m.

NR          WB         NS (NR)                5:10 p.m.

11G        WB         NS 9751                5:30 p.m.

K695      WB         CSXT 5473           5:45 p.m.

19A        WB         NS 9351                6 p.m.

Q109      WB         CSXT 5267           6:09 p.m.

573         EB          NS 7687                 6:10 p.m.

N859      EB          BNSF 9928           6:43 p.m. (on CSX)

K925      EB          CSXT 7731           6:51 p.m.

Q290      EB          CSXT 314             7:03 p.m.

L115       WB         CSXT 5303           7:03 p.m.

25Z         WB         NS 9893               7:09 p.m.

11V        WB         NS 9791               7:21 p.m.

14N        EB          NS 9762               7:25 p.m.

K683      WB         CSXT 5350           7:59 p.m.

23K        WB         NS 7671                 8:13 p.m.

Q117      WB         CSXT 5247           8:15 p.m.

Q380      EB          CSXT 5472           8:20 p.m.

15K        WB         NS (NR)                8:31 p.m.

Q381      WB         BNSF 7622           8:40 p.m. (on CSX)

Photographs by Richard Thompson

An eastbound Norfolk Southern RoadRailer has the attention of (left to right) Cody Zamostny, Paul Woodring and Drew Deneher.

The photo line has formed to capture the passage of CSX train Q122.

John Puda (in red jacket) gives a wave to the crew of Q377 as it rumbles through Berea.

An older model GE locomotive has westbound Q352 in tow.

The soccer ball belongs to Cody Zamostny while the baseball glove and ball is property of John Puda. Between trains, they got a little practice in. But not when threre was an eastbound NS intermodal train to shoot.

It wasnt quite a race nor was it side-by-side running, but the NS 14K and CSX Q108 came through Berea at the same time. A photo line of ARRC members has formed near the tree that Dave McKay used to sit under on weekends at Berea.

Despite increasing clouds, cameras are out to record the passage of an eastbound CSX manifest freight. Although far from the worst weather on a McKay Day, it was far from the best, too.

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