2013 Dave McKay Day

Akron Railroad Club members gathered on a chilly Saturday, April 6, 2013, for the annual Dave McKay Day of railfanning at Berea. The train action was fairly steady throughout the day and shown below is the list of trains recorded by the members present.

8:21 a.m. EB          UNK      NS 5254                coal hoppers

8:24 a.m. EB          UNK      CSXT 7840           intermodal containers

8:32 a.m. WB        UNK      CSXT 556             intermodal containers

8:51 a.m. EB          UNK      CSXT 164             manifest freight

8:52 a.m. WB        UNK      CSXT UNK          manifest freight

8:52 a.m. WB        UNK      NS UNK                               intermodal containers

9:34 a.m. WB        21G        NS 9574                intermodal containers

10 a.m. EB             Q022      CSXT 7377           intermodal containers

10:12 a.m. EB        Q356      CSXT 8514           manifest freight

10:17 a.m. WB      21Z         NS 7618                intermodal

10:21 a.m. WB      Q163      CSXT 7314           intermodal containers

10:41 a.m. WB      205         NS 7584                intermodal

10:53 a.m. WB      15N        NS 2722                manifest freight

10:55 a.m. WB      Q371      CSXT 7569           manifest freight

11 a.m. EB             22K        NS 9498                intermodal containers

11:25 a.m. EB        V818      CSXT 272             coal hoppers

11:29 a.m. EB        14N        NS 9381                manifest freight

11:54 a.m. WB      261         NS 9594                roadrailers

11:54 a.m. EB        UNK      NS 9825                manifest freight

12:12 p.m. EB       UNK      CSXT 7346           auto racks

12:19 p.m. EB       16N        NS 9626                manifest freight

12:25 p.m. WB      UNK      NS 9459                manifest freight

12:29 p.m. EB       Q164      CSXT 475             intermodal containers

12:47 p.m. EB       K002      BNSF 4806           tank cars (crude oil)

1:32 p.m. WB        11K        NS 9298                manifest freight

1:39 p.m. WB        Q351      CSXT 5271           manifest freight

2:04 p.m. EB         Q010      CSXT 729             intermodal containers

2:16 p.m. WB        Q149      CSXT 5305           intermodal containers

2:33 p.m. WB        11G         NS 9849               manifest freight

2:39 p.m. EB         24M        NS 2559               intermmodal

3:06 p.m. WB        21Q        NS 9314                intermodal containers

3:09 p.m. EB         Q008      CSXT 5311           intermodal containers

3:16 p.m. EB         24Z         NS 9812                intermodal containers

3:20 p.m. WB        25V        NS 9476                intermodal containers

3:36 p.m. EB         20E         NS 7671                intermodal

3:50 p.m. EB         Q364      CSXT 7802           manifest freight

3:55 p.m. WB        K280      CSXT 9032           trash containers

4:20 p.m. WB        UNK      CSXT 5432           intermodal containers

4:27 p.m. WB        053         NS 9265                dimension train

4:45 p.m. EB         262         NS 9174                roadrailers

4:47 p.m. WB        Q381      CSXT 7541           manifest freight

5:06 p.m. WB        Q371      BNSF 5839           manifest freight

5:10 p.m. WB        15K        NS 6703                manifest freight

5:13 P.M. EB         Q386      CSXT 7738           manifest freight

5:20 p.m. EB         16E         NS 7609                manifest freight

5:20 p.m. WB        Q009      CSXT 353             intermodal

5:24 p.m. WB        11V        NS 6911                manifest freight

5:28 p.m. EB         UNK      CSXT 8807           manifest freight

5:30 p.m. EB         UNK      NS 9176                auto racks

5:xx p.m. EB         Q290      CSXT 971             auto racks

6:xx p.m. WB        Q017      CSXT 978             intermodal containers

6:xx p.m. WB        25Z         NS 9799                intermodal containers

8 p.m. WB             M1V       NS 9728                manifest freight

8:10 p.m. WB        23K        UNK                      intermodal

8:15 p.m. WB        309         UNK                      manifest freight

9:35 p.m. EB         K281      CSXT 5215           trash containers

10:05 p.m. WB      21E         NS 9198                intermodal

10:21 p.m. WB      23Z         NS 2569                intermodal

10:32 p.m. WB      21J          NS 2664                intermodal

10:40 p.m. EB       20K        NS 9865                intermodal

10:47 p.m. WB      19N        NS 9738                manifest freight

11:03 p.m. WB      35N        NS 7594                manifest freight

 Photographs by Richard Thompson








One Response to “2013 Dave McKay Day”

  1. Byron F. Custer Says:

    Born an raised in Akron, Firestone Park Area, Father spent 38 yrs. with Firestone T & R, never knew this group existed, been in central Florida since 72, sure is nice HERE, about December. Anyway will be in central Pa. 25-27 of MAY FOR THE 765. Riding coach class the 25th, stumbled on yer site here thru theirs. I do the Goat Line myself in G-Scale, call it the Empire 2 Line, that’s the Great Northern RR, like the history and paint scheme, you can see it on YouTube, just enter Empire2Line an watch the video. Will be wearing my GN Colors riding on the 25th and chasing 765 on the 26th, drive a blue Caravan says “Do Or Die Gas Eater Wish I was a Dash 9 44CW across the windshield, an has 5 air horns mounted (hidden) under the hood. So if any of you are there, look for me. Byron

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