Insider View of NS Employee Specials

I rode in the last car and this is the interior view.

Since we’ve seen a lot of trackside views of Nickel Plate Road No. 765, I thought I’d pass along a few on board photos from my ride behind the steamer on Aug. 12.

These were employee trips and as I had worked into and out of Conway from both directions on the mains I opted for a trip that went around the wye at CP Wood with headroom on the Koppel Secondary. This was new track for me.
It was a well organized event and it was nice to once again travel over rails I did many a trip over when working the road and to add that “rare mileage” on the Koppel.

Photographs by Roger Durfee

The 765 crew for my run.

A large crowd gathered at New Brighton to watch and photograph the train.

Another crowd of fans clustered around the wye at CP Wood.

A view of the train at CP Wood.

Passing a westbound on the Beaver River bridge in New Brighton.

A yard job and the signals at West Conway.

Here are a couple views not seen before from the Route 51 bridge over West Conway. Always a busy place, there are three trains in the first photo and four in the photograph below.

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