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  1. ian bennett Says:

    i am wishing to learn about the way the railroad uses signalling in the youngstown area. What type of signals do they use and what are the principles they employ for the positioning of signals etc

    can you help?

  2. Scott Says:

    Just found out about the site.

  3. Robert Walker Says:

    I have Amtrak trip reserved on 10/13/2014, Chicago to Deland Florida. What and where are Delays for Capitol Limited #30

    • csanders429 Says:

      It depends on operating conditions. If No. 30 gets out of Chicago OT or close to on time the delays can be around four hours or so, maybe less on a good day. But if the train is really delayed out of Chicago, then the delays en route might cause you to miss your connection to the Florida train. The vast majority of the Amtrak delays are occurring between Chicago and Cleveland, particularly between Hammond and Elkhart, Ind.

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