Northern Ohio Railroad Radio Frequencies

This radio installed in an Amtrak F40PH locomotive is capable of receiving and transmitting on all AAR radio channels.

Shown below are many of the radio frequencies that have been assigned for railroad use in Ohio. The frequencies are in numerical order by railroad. The number at far left is the megahertz frequency number while the center number is the AAR channel number. To the right is a description of the use that is made of that frequency by each railroad. Note that not all frequencies shown are used frequently and some may no longer be in use.

CSX Transportation

160.230          08          Road Channel

New Castle and Willard (ex-B&O)

Sterling and Lorain/Cleveland (ex-B&O)

Columbus and Toledo (ex-C&O)

Toledo and Cincinnati (ex-B&O)

160.245          09          Yard Channel


160.290          12            Dispatcher Channel

Toledo and Hamilton (ex-B&O)

 160.320          14            Dispatcher Channel

New Castle, Pa., and Greenwich (ex-B&O)

Sterling and Lorain/Cleveland (ex-B&O)

Columbus and Toledo (ex-C&O)

160.485           25            Dispatcher Channel

Columbus and Galion (ex-Conrail/NYC)

Galion and Ridgeway (ex-Conrail/NYC)

160.530           28           Yard Channel

Parsons Yard Channel 2 (Columbus)

Willard Eastbound, Westbound Yardmasters

New Castle, Akron, Lordstown

Willard Yard engine terminal)

160.605          33             Dispatcher Channel

Columbus and Toledo (ex-Conrail/NYC

 160.635           35            Dispatcher Channel

Pemberville, Carrothers Subdivisons (Detroit Division)

160.785             45            Maintenance of Way Operations

 160.800           46            Yard Channel

Former Conrail yards

160.800            46              Dispatcher Channel

Cleveland and Greenwich (ex-Conrail/NYC)

160.860              50            Road Channel

Bellefontaine and Erie, Pa. [Via Cleveland]  (ex-Conrail/NYC)

Columbus and Galion (ex-Conrail/NYC)

Galion and Ridgeway (ex-Conrail/NYC)

Toledo and Ridgeway (ex-Conrail/NYC)

160.875              51              CSX Police (Huntington Division)

160.935               55            Yard Channel

Willard Yard Departure Yardmaster

161.160                70              Yard Channel

Willard Yard Car Department

Clark Avenue Yard (Cleveland)

161.370              84                 Dispatcher Channel

Deshler and Garrett, Ind. (ex-B&O)

161.520              94                 Dispatcher Channel

Greenwich and Deshler (ex-B&O)

Willard terminal subdivision

Cleveland and Erie, Pa. (ex-Conrail/NYC)

Norfolk Southern

160.350           16                    Yard Channel

Rockport Yard (Cleveland)

160.380          18                     Maintenance of Way

Columbus and Sandusky Districts

160.440              22                  Yard Channel

Bellevue Yard

160.620            34                   Car Department

Bellevue Yard

160.800              46                  Road and Dispatcher Channel

Toledo and Chicago (ex-Conrail/NYC)

Toledo and Detroit (ex-Conrail/NYC)

Youngstown and Ashtabula (ex-Conrail)

Youngstown and Warren Secondary lines

Meadville, Pa., line (ex-Conrail/Erie)

160.860              50                   Yard Channel

Goodman Yard (Lordstown)

Hazelton Yard (Youngstown)

160.980                58              Road and Dispatcher Channel

Berea and Vickers (Toledo) (ex-Conrail/NYC)

160.980              58               Yard Channel

Goodman Yard (Lordstown)

Chrysler Yard (Twinsburg)

161.055                   63              Maintenance of Way

Lake and Pittsburgh Divisions (ex-Conrail lines)

161.070                    64             Road and Dispatcher Channel

Berea and Pittsburgh (ex-Conrail/NYC/PRR)

Alliance and Crestline (ex-Conrail/PRR)

Cleveland and Parma (ex-C0nrail/NYC)

Toledo terminal area (ex-Conrail lines)

161.190                       72        Road and Dispatcher Channel

Sandusky and Portsmouth (ex-N&W)

161.205                       73         NS Police

Lake and Pittsburgh Divisions

161.250                       76         Road and Dispatcher

Buffalo and Fostoria (ex-N&W/NKP)

161.340                         82         Yard Channel

Bellevue Yard, Route 4 hump

161.430                            88       Yard Channel

Ashtabula coal dock

161.490                             92       Maintenance of Way

Pittsburgh Division

161.565                                97      Yard Channel

Bellevue Yard, Route 4 pulldown

Rockport Yard (Cleveland)

Ashland Railway

161.175                 71      Road and Dispatcher

Bessemer & Lake Erie

160.215                07     Conneaut Car Department

160.485               25      Car Department

160.830              48      Road and Dispatcher Channel

161.040               62     Yard Operations, electric department

161.220                74    Maintenance of Way

161.310                81     Yard Operations

161.550               96     Yard Operations

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

160.260              10    General Operations

160.290              12   General Operations

160.380             18    General Operations

160.960            57   General Operations

161.325             81   General Operations

Flats Industrial Railroad (Cleveland)

160.215            07   General Operations

160.305            13    General Operations

Indiana & Ohio

161.220             74    Road and Dispatcher Channel

DT&I, Midland subdivisions

Cincinnati terminal area

Indiana Northeastern

161.100             66     General Operations

ISG Cleveland Works Railway

160.470            24     General Operations

161.370             84     General Operations

Lake Terminal

160.365             17     Maintenance of Way

160.590            32      General Operations

160.755            43      General Operations

160.905            53      General Operations

161.040            62      General Operations

161.505             93     Trainmaster

Lorain & West Virgina

160.830            48    General Operations

Mahoning Valley

160.965           57     General Operations

Newburgh & South Shore (Cleveland)

160.890          52      General Operations

Nimishillen & Tuscarawas (Canton)

161.295           79      General Operations

161.355           83       General Operations

161.455          89         General Operations

Ohio Central

160.215          07         Road and Dispatcher Channel

160.845          49          Switching Operations in Youngstown area


160.845          49          General Operations

Republic Technologies (Canton area)

160.815          47          General Operations

R.J. Corman

160.455          23          Road and Dispatcher

160.845          49          Derailment Response Team

Wabash & Maumee (Toledo area)

161.355          83          General Operations

161.490          92          General Operations

 Wheeling & Lake Erie

160.650         36          Akron Barberton Cluster Operations

161.025          61          Road and Dispatcher Channel

161.250          76          Yard Operations in Brewster

14 Responses to “Northern Ohio Railroad Radio Frequencies”

  1. john aston Says:

    looking for best place around toledo to night photograph trains?

    • Toledo Says:

      You can try Vickers where CSX and NS cross each other. There is a car detail shop, you can park (at least during the day) there and get some great pictures. I have several other spots. I do photography even at 4am until 6am. Its in my neighborhood so the people know me. I get several CSX trains. I would not recomend this unless you were with me. I have many other great spots that are private. I will share with a friend, but in the Rail fan community it is hard to find friends as most want to be the next big thing in rail photography or DVDs. And they have some sort of nerdy high school science club type pecking order. No one tells me or my wife where or when to rail fan. There are way to many nerds out there who could care less about trains only to be in charge of other rail fans. If we meet it will give you an idea why no one bothers us. I am proud of the fact that I have more pictures and video that anyone who sells DVD and pictures would go crazy over. I am from a RR family with three retired and have acess. God BLess

  2. Phil Swartz Says:

    I am new to the Akron area and am just looking for the active frequencies for this area. Not looking to be the next superstar just looking to listen in. So if you can please give me a hand that would be great, it will save me time in loading all of them.
    Thanks for your help,

    Cool list I am sure it took some work to put it together, thanks.

  3. Chuck Case Says:

    Just to add a note about NS in deep southern Ohio. NS uses 161.250 east of Portsmouth on the Kenova district for train/ dispatcher communication.

  4. John Overholser Says:

    What is the frequency CSX for the tower in Indianapolis to Bellefontaine Ohio ???

  5. Leanna Shaberly Says:

    I’d like to add my thanks to those who compiled the above list. Fantastic. I just bought property that abuts the CSX track between Toledo & Deshler. Didn’t check where it went on south of there. I’m just southwest of Tontogany. I also have a siding so I get to watch stopped trains, passing in either direction, single and double engines (no cars) going north and back south. I’ve also seen trains go through red lights, and it dawned on me that there must be some radio communications to have the engineers proceeding against the light. Are there any clubs in Wood County? I know about stuff going on in Fostoria, just wondered if anything further north.

  6. John Cartwright, WA8LGM Says:

    Thanks all for operations information. I might also add that, during operations, the frequency of 161.415 is used by us as an operational frequency for Cleveland Terminal and Valley or Midwest Railway Preservation Society. We will be ready for the narrow-banding operation coming on the 1st of January 2013.

  7. John Cartwright, WA8LGM Says:

    BTW: There is a lot of changes going to happen here in the coming year. Come on down and take a look at us some weekend. We’d be glad to show you around.

  8. John Cartwright, WA8LGM Says:

    Just curious: does anyone know know the radio frequencies for the Cleveland Commercial Railroad? Would be nice to know. Thanks

  9. NS frequencies - The Forums Says:

    […] Northern Ohio Railroad Radio Frequencies | this website should help […]

  10. Steve McMullen Says:

    CVSR uses 160.965 for their “road” channel Rockside to Akron.

  11. Steve McMullen Says:

    Also seeing as I make my annual RV round robin trip.. I have compiled info for Marion, Deshler and Fostoria separately.
    Feel free to correct or update as needed 🙂
    Just in case you ever get to Marion, Deshler or Fostoria… here is my info for all of
    that area:

    532 W. Center St. 43302

    EDD: (audible defect detector)



    CSXT (EX CR) 160.860, 160.425 (RD/DISP) (maybe 160.605)
    CSXT (EX C&O) 160.230 (RD) 160.320 (DISP)

    NS: 161.190 (RD-DS)
    S. Poplar St. @ Taft Blvd. (nearest new railfan park)
    Columbus Ave. @ E. Crocker St.

    EDD: (audible defect detector)
    CSXT WESTBND APP: MP31.1 (Bascom)
    NS WESTBND APP: MP273.9 (Ilers)
    NS EASTBND APP: MP285.5 (Arcadia)

    CSXT: 160.230*, 161.520, 160.320*
    NS: 161.250


    110 W. Mulberry St. 43516

    EDD: (audible defect detector)
    WESTBOUND APP: 60.3, 46.3 (to the east)
    EASTBOUND APP: 73.3 (to the west)
    NORTH APP: 160.6, 158.9 (to the south)
    SOUTH APP: 178.8 (to the north)

    RM (DESHLER WEST) 161.370
    IP (DESHLER EAST/WYE) 161.520*
    LA (DESHLER N/S) 160.290

    ROAD CHANNEL (ALL) 160.230*

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