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Corman Donates Steam Locomotive to Ky. Museum

March 13, 2020

R.J. Corman has donated a 2-10-2 steam locomotive to the Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation.

The Chinese-built locomotive had been purchased by Corman founder Rick Corman in 2007 from the Pittsburgh-based Railroad Development Corporation.

The engine came with roster number 7040 but during Corman’s ownership was renumbered 2008.

The locomotive will be added to the collection of the Kentucky Rail Heritage Center museum in Irvine, Kentucky.

No. 2008 was built in 1986 and was one of only three QJ steam locomotives in the United States.

At the time he bought the engine, Rick Corman, who is now deceased, said it wasn’t efficient but had character.

The Corman steamer made its first trip on May 24, 2008, and since then has been used on special occasions.

The Corman group will also donate a glass structure that was used to house the locomotive.