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AC&Y FM Diesel in Akron

November 30, 2022

This is from one of my earliest scans, but it has been redone for higher quality. Akron, Canton &Youngstown Fairbanks Morse H16=44 No. 202 in Akron in December 1966 or January 1967. While the H24-66 was called a Train Master, and the H16-66 was nicknamed a Baby Train Master, to my knowledge the H16-44 had no nickname.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Still Traces of the AC&Y

June 30, 2021

It’s December 1966 or January 1967 in Akron where Norfolk & Western No. 503 still wearing its Akron, Canton & Youngstown livery in the engine facility. The 503 is a rare FM H20-44 road switcher. Parts of AC&Y 105 (Alco S-2) and AC&Y 506 (FM H20-44) can be seen.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

The Best I Could Do With It

May 26, 2021

The original slide from which this was taken was non-Kodak processed, underexposed, and had a strong purple color to it. Still, this may be of interest to some. Norfolk & Western Alco S2 switcher No. 105 (ex-Akron, Canton & Youngsrtown) is still in full AC&Y paint in Akron in December 1966 or January 1967.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Along the AC&Y in Akron

March 8, 2021

We’re checking out Brittain Yard on the Akron, Canton & Youngstown in Akron on Dec. 17, 1967. By now the AC&Y is part of the Norfolk & Western although some AC&Y motive power continues to in revenue service without having been repainted.

Shown is a Fairbanks-Morse H16-44. Built in December 1951, No. 202 was traded in to EMD in 1969. It was one of 18 H16-44 road switchers on the AC&Y roster. They were sometimes called “big horses.”

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Best I Could Do with a Dark Slide

June 10, 2020

My original slide came from one of my first two or three rolls of slide film. It was severely underexposed (dark), and over the years the slide turned purple.

This is the best “save” I could get. It looks more like a painting than a slide.

Norfolk & Western 206 (Fairbanks Morse H15-44) in full Akron, Canton & Youngstown paint is in the N&W diesel facility in Akron in late 1966.

Article and Photograph by Robert Farkas

When N&W Still Had an AC&Y Look

November 2, 2016



Here is another glimpse of the past in black and white as captured by Akron Railroad Club member Robert Farkas.

In the top image, even though the Akron, Canton & Youngstown was taken over by the Norfolk & Western i 1964, AC&Y diesels were still in service.

It is 1967 or 1968 and AC&Y 506 and 500 could still be found at the Akron engine facility. Both are rare FM H20-44 models with AC&Y 506 in blue and AC&Y 500 in yellow and black.

In the bottom image, Bob is standing on the bridge over Penn Central’s Collingwood Yard in Cleveland, which could provide a great view of the shops and yard.

PC 1788 in fresh paint and New York Central 1840 are at the head of a westbound train in this 1968 or 1969 view. Stored next to the shops are three lines of Alcos and EMD units.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Once Upon a Time in Akron on the AC&Y

November 11, 2013


Here is Akron, Canton & Youngstown No. 505 taken on the turntable on a wintry day in Akron most likely in early 1968 before leaving Akron for good. It’s a rare FM H-20-44 roadswitcher although it appears to be a regular switcher.

Photograph by Robert Farkas