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ARRC Elects Officers for 2019

November 17, 2018

At the 2018 annual meeting of the Akron Railroad Club held on Nov. 16, members elected officers for calendar year 2019.

Todd Dillon, the current vice president, was elected president. He will succeed Craig Sanders, who is retiring from his post after holding it for 14 years, the longest tenure of any ARRC president. Sanders became president in 2005.

Bill Kubas was elected vice president and will serve as program chairman as directed by the ARRC constitution.

Current ARRC Secretary Jim Mastromatteo was re-elected to his position.

Likewise, current treasurer Paul Havasi was re-elected to his office.

Ron McElrath was elected Bulletin editor. He replaces Marty Surdyk, who is retiring as an ARRC officer after more than 20 years of service.

Surdyk served as president between 1985 and 1992 before moving on to the Bulletin editor position in 1993.

Todd Dillon Named New ARRC Vice President

August 7, 2017

Todd Dillon has been named vice president of the Akron Railroad Club. The appointment was announced at the July ARRC meeting by club’s board of directors, which is made up of all of the elected officers.

As vice president, Dillon will preside at ARRC meetings in the absence of the president and will be in charge of arranging programming for the monthly meetings.

He is also the custodian of the ARRC’s digital presentation equipment.

A Stow resident, Dillon is an active and accomplished photographer. His ARRC programs often are comprised of images set to music.

Todd Dillon replaced J. Gary Dillon, who stepped down as vice president in January and was named to the honorary position of vice president emeritus.

J. Gary had served as ARRC vice president since 1975. He is no relation to Todd Dillon.

Ed Ribinskas Retires as ARRC Treasurer

November 19, 2016

Akron Railroad Club President Craig Sanders (left) presents Edward Ribinskas (center) a framed enlargement of a photograph that Ed made of Nickel Plate Road 767 at Jaite in September 2016. Looking on is ARRC Bulletin Editor Marty Surdyk. (Photograph by Roger Durfee)

After 23 years in the position Edward Ribinskas has retired as the treasurer of the Akron Railroad Club.

Ed, who began his run as treasurer in 1994, gave his final report at the Nov. 18 ARRC meeting.

A Painesville resident, Ed joined the ARRC on April 25, 1986. He will continue to be an ARRC member and is scheduled to present a program next April.

In a show of appreciation for Ed’s service to the ARRC, President Craig Sanders presented him with a framed photograph of Nickel Plate Road No. 767 that Ed made last September at Jaite.

Ed has had a life-long passion for steam locomotives and traveled throughout North America to watch them in action as well as ride behind them.

Paul Havasi will replace Ed as treasurer in 2017. The other incumbent officers were re-elected to their positions for 2017 during the Nov. 18 meeting. They include Sanders as president; J. Gary Dillon, vice president; Jim Mastromatteo, secretary; and Marty Surdyk, Bulletin editor.

ARRC Elects Officers for 2016

November 23, 2015

The current slate of Akron Railroad Club officers has been re-elected to their positions for calendar year 2016.

They will be joined by Jim Mastromatteo, who will assume the position of secretary.

The elections were held during the November ARRC meeting. Under the club constitution, the November meeting is designated the annual meeting and officer elections are held then.

The secretary position had been vacant since the death of Timothy Krogg last March.

All of the incumbent officers have held their respective positions for several years.

Craig Sanders will begin his 12th year as president, which ties the record set by the late David McKay for longest tenure as president of the ARRC.

J. Gary Dillon will begin his 42nd year as vice president, Marty Surdyk will begin his 24th year as Bulletin editor and Edward Ribinskas will begin his 23rd year as treasurer.