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An Alco S1 Working for Timken

August 25, 2022

The Timken Company had a small fleet of locomotives that it used to switch its steel plants. Shown here is Alco S1 No. 5912 working in Canton in February 1975.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Ex-Erie Alco Switcher Gets Heritage Treatment

August 14, 2021

New York short line railroad New York & Lake Erie has applied a new livery to its Alco S1 No. 308.

The new look combines elements of the Erie Railroad and Erie Lackawanna liveries.

The 75-year-old unit was built for the Erie in November 1946. It received the new livery as part of a rebuilding process.

No. 308 has been returned to revenue service at Gowanda, New York, and will operate on former Erie trackage along with former VIA Rail Canada FPA4 locomotives.

For Sale or Lease at the Time

August 12, 2021

Equipment dealer George Silcott in Worthington, Ohio, had this Plymouth critter for sale or lease on Jan. 17, 1973. We don’t know if he found a taker. Note that it is coupled to a Penn Central RS1 that had been built in May 1941 for the New York Central.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Down Near Sugar Creek

July 30, 2019

Mention Sugarcreek, Ohio, and many Northeast Ohio railfans will start telling you stories about the steam locomotives they photographed there.

Sugarcreek was for several years the base of operations for Ohio Central steam trains, including excursions and the Sugar Creek-Baltic tourist train.

However, the OC also ran freight trains on its tracks through the village of 2,200 in Tuscarawas County. Ohio Central even had some freight customers there.

The rolling terrain and farmland setting in this area that is home to many Amish families made it ideal for photographing trains when you could find one of course.

On Independence Day 1996, Bob found a southbound freight being led by Alco S-1 No. 12, a former Timken Company switcher.

Photograph by Robert Farkas