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Amtrak Displays New ACL-42 Locomotive

June 16, 2021

Amtrak displayed its first ALC-42 locomotives on Tuesday, saying it is expected it to go into service in two to three months.

The unit on display in Chicago on Tuesday will be sent to Wilmington, Delaware, for testing before entering revenue service on eastern long distance trains serving Washington, most likely the Crescent, Capitol Limited, and Cardinal.

The initial eight ALC-42 engines will have what Amtrak has termed a “transitional” livery of blue on the carbody ending at a red chevron.

The design is meant to be reminiscent of the Phase I livery that has been reapplied to P42DC No. 161, which was also on display Tuesday at Union Station.

Amtrak’s Devon Parsons, senior manager of equipment engineering, said the ALC-42 units are similar to the Siemens SC-44 chargers that pull corridor service trains in the Midwest and the West.

But the ALC-42 locomotives feature a few feature changes including newer technology for a number of systems.

Other changes include redesigned front end framed windows and a removable nose “to reduce our shop out-of-service from strike damage.”

Whereas the SC-44 units have a 1,800 gallon fuel tank, the ALC-42s come with a 2,200-gallon fuel tank.

Parsons said the ALC-42’s computer program was revised to address wheel slip issues reported on the SC-44 locomotives.

Amtrak has ordered 75 ALC-42 locomotives that will be delivered through 2024 at a rate of about two per month.

The next ALC-42 to be delivered wlll be No. 301, which will have the predominantly black, one-off “Day One” livery that adorned a single E8A unit to mark the inauguration of Amtrak in 1971.

The ALC-42 fleet will replace P42DC locomotives that are now standard on national network trains.

Amtrak to Receive first ACL-42

June 12, 2021

The first Siemens ALC-42 locomotive built for Amtrak is expected to be released today and will head east on the California Zephyr.

Trains magazine quoted unnamed sources as saying Charger No. 300 will be handled by Train 6 departing Emeryville, California, today (June 12) and arriving in Chicago on Monday.

No. 300 is expected to be featured on Tuesday at a media event at the Amtrak Chicago maintenance facility and depart on June 16 for Washington in the motive power consist of the Capitol Limited.

The Trains report said Amtrak expects to receive a handful of Chargers over the next few weeks that will be tested.

Regular deliveries of the locomotive are expected to begin in the second half of this year. Amtrak has ordered 75 ACLC-42 locomotives for use in its national network.

They will replace aging P42DC units that have been the standard motive power on most national network trains since the middle 1990s.

Charger locomotives are already in revenue service for various operators around the country, including on Amtrak corridor routes in the Midwest.

The intercity carrier is expected to complete receiving its ALC-42 locomotives in 2024.

Amtrak Releases Renderings of Charger Livery

August 6, 2020

Amtrak on Wednesday released drawings of what its Siemens ALC-42 locomotives will look like once they enter service.

In a news release, the carrier said the first five Charger locomotives will wear a Phase VI livery while a sixth unit will have a livery recognizing the carrier’s 50th anniversary.

A final livery will be released late year when Amtrak updates its fleet plan.

The Chargers will replace General Electric Transportation built P40 and P42DC locomotives that now pull Amtrak’s national network trains and some state-funded corridor trains.

The ALC-42 is similar to the SC-44 that is used on some state-funded corridor trains.

Amtrak said the ALC-42 units have a top speed of 125 mph. Each locomotive has a 16-cylinder Cummins QSK95 engine that is U.S. EPA Tier 4 compliant.

Unlike the SC-44, the ALC-42 units have greater fuel capacity and increased head end power generating capacity.

The units are being built in Sacramento, California. Amtrak ordered 75 of the locomotives in December 2018 and they are expected to be delivered through 2024.

Amtrak did not say in the release when the first unit will be placed in revenue service.