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Amtrak Now Showing Train Capacity

August 13, 2020

Amtrak is now providing information its website and smartphone apps on train capacity when passengers seek got make a reservation.

An icon that shows up during searches for train information allows passengers to check how close to capacity a train is.

The site also shows how many seats are available for sale as well as gate and track information at selected stations.

During the COVID1-19 pandemic Amtrak has been limited capacity of trains in order to promote social distancing.

Another recent change, though, has had the effect of providing less information about the operation of trains.

When using the Amtrak smart phone app to obtain train status information, the carrier provides expected or actual arrival and departure times.

It also indicates if a train is on time or delayed but no longer indicates how late the train.

Until recently, Amtrak provided not only arrival and departure times but also the scheduled arrival and departure times.