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Amtrak Revives USA Rail Pass

June 10, 2021

Back in the 1970s Amtrak offered unlimited coach travel on the USA Rail Pass good for up to 30 days.

Various forms of the rail pass have been around over the years, but this week Amtrak announced a re-launch of the program.

The new USA Rail Pass will offer a 10-ride pass for $299 through June 22, a savings of $200 over the regular price of $499.

Amtrak said in a news release that passengers using the pass under the introductory offer will pay less than $30 per segment.

Unlike the paper passes of past years, the new rail pass is an electronic pass that allows up to 10 segments of coach travel in a 30-day period.

Trips involving a connection will count for two segments. Upgrades to business class or sleeping-car accommodations are not available.

Once the pass is purchased, passengers will have up to 120 days to use it. Once the first segment is traveled, passengers then have 30 days to travel nine more segments.

The news release said passengers will be able to book and modify their trip itinerary and will receive an electronic ticket for each segment to present to the conductor when boarding.