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Amtrak Launches 50th Anniversary Website

April 7, 2021

With less than a month to go before it observes its 50th anniversary, Amtrak has launched a website to celebrate the occasion.

The site can be found at

Amtrak describes the site as “a central hub for information about our five decades as America’s Railroad, innovative milestones along the way, and a spotlight on some of the employees that helped make it all happen.”

Each decade of Amtrak’s existence has its own pages of history and photographs that can be reached from the home page.

The site also is being used to sell 50th anniversary merchandise and offer “50 reasons to travel.” Additional content will be added to the site in the weeks and months ahead.

Amtrak Website Tweaked to Help With Booking Long-Distance Train Travel

October 30, 2020

Amtrak has tweaked its website to better help passengers plan travel on long-distance trains now that all of them except the Auto Train are operating tri-weekly or quad-weekly.

The “next travel day” feature will advise passengers seeking to make a reservation on the Amtrak website or via the Amtrak app that the train they wish to ride does not operate on the they have selected.

A popup screen will direct them to the next available day of operation.

However, passengers will still receive the message that “at least one portion of your trip is unavailable. Please try a different date and time.”

Updated timetables for long-distance trains that show days of operation also are available on the Amtrak website although finding them is a somewhat cumbersome task.

They will not come up when clicking on the “schedules” tab as was the case until last spring.

Instead, site users must click the “Destinations” tab. That brings up a U.S. map and clicking on the region of the country in you wish to travel will bring a list of rains operating in that region.

Clicking on a specific train brings up a box offering route “map” and “schedule” buttons.

Schedules that show long-distance and corridor trains are still unavailable.

Some corridor schedules are available on route specific websites although some of those still show timetables that are out of date.

Amtrak Now Showing Train Capacity

August 13, 2020

Amtrak is now providing information its website and smartphone apps on train capacity when passengers seek got make a reservation.

An icon that shows up during searches for train information allows passengers to check how close to capacity a train is.

The site also shows how many seats are available for sale as well as gate and track information at selected stations.

During the COVID1-19 pandemic Amtrak has been limited capacity of trains in order to promote social distancing.

Another recent change, though, has had the effect of providing less information about the operation of trains.

When using the Amtrak smart phone app to obtain train status information, the carrier provides expected or actual arrival and departure times.

It also indicates if a train is on time or delayed but no longer indicates how late the train.

Until recently, Amtrak provided not only arrival and departure times but also the scheduled arrival and departure times.

Amtrak Website Gets New Look

July 2, 2015

The Amtrak website has a new look, the first cosmetic overhaul of the site in more than five years.

The new look will change again next year as Amtrak tweaks the site’s elements.

“The refresh is focused on delivering customers with an easier navigation designed to streamline the booking process,”Amtrak said in a statement. “The new aspirational display was designed to inspire customers to experience the unique elements of train travel and easily explore the more than 500 destination served by Amtrak.”

The website includes providing a cleaner look with less clutter, easier navigation and a new design.

The travel planning map features an interactive map overlaying Amtrak routes and stations on top of a Google Map whereby users can enter any address, city, state, or ZIP code to locate the nearest Amtrak station, then enter a destination point to find the most convenient Amtrak route.

The bottom of the homepage encourages membership in the Amtrak Guest Rewards program and has a link to the Track a Train map.

The new website design also seeks to draw attention to special offers and discounts tailored by region based on the location of a computer or device’s IP address.

For example, users located in the Washington, D.C., area would receive discounts on Acela ExpressNortheast Regionals and Auto Train.

The former Routes and Stations tabs are now combined into a new “Destinations” tab, with links to route guides, city guides and vacation packages.

Information about on-board accommodations, meals and baggage policies are under the “Experience” tab.

The “Deals” tab points toward current promotions, regular discounts, multi-ride tickets and rail passes.