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In the Latest ARRC eBulletin

April 2, 2018

The March 2018 issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin features a story about ARRC President Craig Sanders’ quest to “find” the Erie Lackawanna.

It is a fallen flag railroad that he never saw in person during its 1960-1976 lifetime because he never lived in an areas served by the EL.

But fallen flag railroads live behind a lot of history and former right of way that Craig has been able to explore over the years, particularly after he joined the ARRC in 2003.

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The April eBulletin will feature a photo essay of the former Baltimore & Ohio in and around Akron.

There will also be coverage of the ARRC member’s night and the annual Dave McKay Day in Berea.


In the February ARRC eBulletin

February 21, 2018

The cover story in the February issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin is a look at operations of Canadian National in Conneaut.

Many don’t think of CN as being a Northeast Ohio railroad, but it is, albeit with limited operations.

As was the case when the ancestor of the former Bessemer & Lake Erie was founded in the late 19th century, the CN’s Bessemer Subdivision makes its living hauling iron ore mined in Minnesota and used to make steel in the Pittsburgh area.

The Bessemer Sub is an orphan operation that does not connect directly with the rest of the CN network. Yet it is an interesting one for those willing to take the time to get to know it.

The March issue of the eBulletin will be distributed the week of March 25 and feature an article titled Searching for the Erie Lackawanna.

In the January 2018 ARRC eBulletin

January 23, 2018

When Mark Demaline sent images last month of Amtrak trains in winter in Northeast Ohio to use in the January 2018 Akron Railroad Club eBulletin, I got quite excited. Many railfans have a favorite locomotive and mine is the Amtrak SDP40F in the Phase I livery.

They were the passenger carrier’s first new diesel motive power and had a rather short life in revenue service, with some operating for a mere four years.

The locomotives first showed up in June 1973, although not in Ohio, and another order went into service the following year. Most long-distance trains were pulled by the big cowl units.

The SDP40F was implicated in a series of derailments that began not long after the second batch of them entered service. Some railroads blamed the locomotive and banned them from their rails. Amtrak eventually decided to replace them with F40PHs.

The Lake Shore Limited was one of the last long-distance trains hosted by Conrail to regularly be pulled by SDP40F units. In Mark’s feature, you’ll see not just SDP40Fs but also a few E units that pulled Nos. 48 and 49 for a time. Mark’s piece is a look at an era that was rather short in duration.

Also in the January 2018 eBulletin is a rundown of the ARRC activities planned for this year and I take a look at the track ahead for the club. Changes lie on the horizon, but we won’t be seeing any of them until late this year. Of course there are two pages of the latest railroad news.

Speaking of looking ahead, the February eBulletin will have a feature on railfanning Canadian National in Conneaut. CN now operates the former Bessemer & Lake Erie there. It is an operation that is orphaned from the rest of the CN network.

December ARRC eBulletin Examines Last Decade of Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Service in Akron

December 5, 2017

One Friday morning in January 1964, Baltimore & Ohio President Jervis Langdon called a young up-and-coming executive and directed him to jot down his ideas as to how to “straighten out our passenger problem.”

Paul Reistrup would create over the weekend a blueprint that would form the basis for a bootstrap campaign to bring B&O passenger operations to the point of covering its direct costs.

Reistrup’s plan got a lot of attention, but ultimately fell short. That led the B&O to engage in an orderly retreat from the intercity rail passenger business that culminated with the coming of Amtrak on May 1, 1971.

The cover story of the December 2017 issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin will examine the last decade of B&O passenger service through Akron with a focus on the campaign that Reistrup designed.

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In the October 2017 ARRC eBulletin

October 24, 2017

The October 2017 issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin is now out and the cover story features a look at the New Castle Subdivision of CSX.

Akron’s mainline railroad features a moderate level of traffic and can be notorious for being feast or famine, and sometimes both, for those who venture trackside to observe and photograph its operations.

Originally the primary route to Chicago of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, the New Castle Sub today is part of a Chicago-Middle Atlantic route for CSX.

The eBulletin also has railroad industry news and the thoughts of editor Craig Sanders about what he learned as the author of eight books on railroad history.

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In the September ARRC eBulletin

September 18, 2017

The September 2017 issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin features a tribute to the late Jerry Joe Jacobson.

Jacobson, 74, died on Sept. 13 after a long illness and was a lifetime member of the Akron Railroad Club. He was the best friend the club ever had and we would not be the organization we are today without his generosity in allowing us to sell tickets for various steam excursions in order to raise money.

The tribute to Jerry includes an overview of his life, a personal tribute written by ARRC member Paul Woodring, and a story Jerry and the ARRC.

This month’s issue also has report from our picnic in the Valley held this past Sunday and a wrapup of our day in Vermilion held last month.

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Conrail in Berea Cover Story of August eBulletin

August 22, 2017

When I moved to Ohio in August 1993 I set out to find a railfan spot that I had heard about while living in Pennsylvania. Berea was the epicenter of the Conrail “X” and I would quickly discover that it was as good as advertised.

But it was more than trains that made Berea a special place to be. There was a core of regulars who spent weekends in Berea and in time I got know those guys.

I’ve written about my Berea weekends in Conrail days in the cover story of the August issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin.

Also in this month’s issue is a story about the July ARRC picnic at Warwick Park and information about two upcoming ARRC activities.

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In the July ARRC eBulletin

July 26, 2017

The July 2017 eBulletin visits the Northern Ohio Railway Museum. Last month NORM sold tickets to ride one of its trolley cars for the first time. It culminated a multi-year effort to create a demonstration track, which now extends 1,000 feet with plans to eventually extend it three miles.

Akron Railroad Club President Craig Sanders visited NORM earlier this month to check out the new operation.

Also in this month’s eBulletin is the latest railroad news and details about the upcoming ARRC picnic to be held July 30 at Warwick Park in Clinton.

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A reminder that this month’s ARRC meeting is Friday, July 28. The program will be presented by Ron McElrath and provide video of railroad operations in Cuba.

June eBulletin Features Bellevue

June 20, 2017

With the Akron Railroad Club poised to visit Bellevue this month for its annual longest day outing, the cover feature in the June issue of the ARRC eBulletin focuses on the hear of Norfolk Southern in Ohio.

Once a junction of four railroads, Bellevue has lost one of those railroad lines and is now dominated by one company. But it is one of those railroad towns that has seen its importance grow rather than diminish over the years.

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In the May ARRC eBulletin

May 23, 2017

In November 1990 Akron Railroad Club member Paul Woodring was working for Amtrak and managed to wrangle an assignment covering the carrier’s publicity special that operated from Chicago to Pittsburgh and back to promote a pending reroute of the Capitol Limited and Broadway Limited.

At the time, both trains operated via the Fort Wayne Line between Chicago and Pittsburgh but had to find other routes due to Conrail downgrading the line.

The Broadway Limited began serving Akron while the Capitol Limited was routed via Cleveland.

In the cover story of the May 2017 ARRC eBulletin, Paul tells the story of how he got the assignment and what it was like to be on board the publicity special.

Paul took numerous photographs on and off the train, which are used to illustrate the feature.

Also in the May eBulletin is a preview of the program at the May 26 ARRC meeting and the latest railroad news.

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