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Durand Cover Story in March eBulletin

March 20, 2017

It is Michigan week for the Akron Railroad Club. No, we’re not going to that state of up north as some fans of The Ohio State University like to call it and it has nothing to do with the annual games between the Buckeyes and Wolverines.

No, it has to do with the program at the March ARRC meeting, which is titled The Railroads of Bluewater Michigan.

And the cover story in this month’s ARRC eBulletin is about railfanning in Durand, Michigan.

The home of the Wolverine and the Spartans of that other OSU nemesis, Michigan State University, can be an interesting place to photograph railroad operations if you are patient.

Durand doesn’t have the volume of traffic of Berea, Fostoria or Marion, but it does have two Canadian National routes, Amtrak and two short-line railroads.

The city in mid-Michigan also has much railroad history and a museum.

Also in the March eBulletin is the latest railroad industry news, a review of the 2017 ARRC member’s night and a preview of Dave McKay Day in Berea this year.

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In the February eBulletin: Super Memories of a Super Bowl Sunday Winter Outing in Lake County

February 20, 2017


It was one of those railfan outings that we are still talking about years later

On the day of the 2014 Super Bowl, Ed Ribinsksas, Marty Surdyk and I ventured out to railfan in Lake County in what turned out to be some of the most spectacular winter conditions we’ve ever encountered. Rain had changed to snow and covered everything in a blanket of white that lasted throughout the day.

A story about that outing and a gallery of photographs is the cover story in the February 2017 issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin that is being distributed this week.

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In The January 2017 ARRC eBulletin

January 22, 2017


Akron Junction doesn’t look the same as it once did. Last year CSX removed most of the rails there, thus severing the connection between its New Castle Subdivision and the former Cleveland-Akron-Canton Valley Line. You can read all about it and view photographs of Akron Junction today in the cover article for the January 2017 Akron Railroad Club eBulletin.

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This Month in the ARRC eBulletin

November 19, 2016


In November 1990, Amtrak operated a publicity special through Indiana and Ohio to promote the upcoming reroutes of its Broadway Limited and Capitol Limited.

The new route of the Chicago-New York Broadway Limited included a stop in Akron so the publicity special stopped at Quaker Square where a large and enthusiastic crowd turned out to greet the train.

The November 2016 Akron Railroad Club eBulletin takes a look back at that cold and dreary day when Amtrak came to Akron.

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October ARRC eBulletin Features NKP 767, Autumn on the CSX New Castle Subdivision

October 25, 2016


It was just about a month ago that Nickel Plate Road No. 765, wearing number 767 was steaming up and down the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

The Akron Railroad Club even got out on the last Sunday of the 767’s operation for a picnic in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The October 2016 issue of the ARRC eBulletin takes a look back at the visit of NKP 767 with photographs made by ARRC members Roger Durfee, Todd Dillon, Ed Ribinskas and Craig Sanders.

Also in the October issue is a photo feature on autumn on the CSX New Castle Subdivision.

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August eBulletin Features an In-depth Look at the Battle to Restore 3C Intercity Passenger Service

August 21, 2016

August 2016

Scheduled passengers trains last linked Ohio’s three largest cities in 1969, although service remained over the length of the corridor until the coming of Amtrak on May 1, 1971.

Those trains were poorly patronized and Amtrak didn’t want them. Aside from the New York-Kansas City National Limited using a portion of the 3C corridor between 1971 and 1979, the route has been without intercity passenger service since the coming of Amtrak.

Over the past four decade, various proposals have been put forth to resume 3C service, the most recent in 2010. But none of them came close to fruition and the 3C corridor remains among a number of routes that passenger train advocates argue has a good chance to succeed if the service could get out of the station.

But it hasn’t and the cover story of the August 2016 Akron Railroad Club eBulletin will examine the history of passenger service in the corridor, showing how decisions made when the New York Central was the dominant railroad in the market continue to hold importance today and explain why efforts to revive 3C have failed.

The August issue also takes a look back at the July ARRC picnic at Warwick Park.

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In the July eBulletin

July 18, 2016

July 2016

July is picnic month for the Akron Railroad Club and on Sunday, July 24, we will return to Warwick Park in Clinton for a day of hamburgers, hot dogs and CSX trains on the adjacent New Castle Subdivision.

The cover story of the July issue of the ARRC eBulletin gives an overview of the history of railroad operations in Warwick, which was once a busy railroad junction town tucked away in the southwest corner of Summit County.

Two of the railroad lines that use to serve Warwick aren’t there anymore, including the former Pennsylvania Railroad route between Hudson and Columbus via Akron.

You’ll also learn how the village of Warwick came to be included as part of the nearby but separate town of Clinton. At one time, both towns had their own railroad stations.

A sidebar looks at the history of the ARRC picnic at Warwick Park.

The July eBulletin also has coverage of the ARRC longest day outing in Marion last month and the latest railroad industry news.

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When Steam Ruled in the Cuyahoga Valley is the Cover Story of the June 2016 ARRC eBulletin

June 20, 2016

June 2016

Back in 1975, former Grand Trunk Western steam locomotive No. 4070 made its maiden trip over the Valley Line of the Baltimore & Ohio, leaving from the Cleveland Zoo with passengers and bound for Hale Farm and Village.

It was not a promising inauguration of the Cuyahoga Valley Line. The train left hours late and had a mechanical breakdown at Bath Road, the “station” for Hale Farm. The excursion limped home to Cleveland, arriving after midnight.

But from those roots grew the CVL, which eventually evolved into the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. The 4070 was a mainstay on the CVL through 1990.

The cover story of the June 2016 issue of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin is a look back at the life and times of the 4070 on the CVL. Many current ARRC members remember that era, with some having been car hosts or engine crew members. Others chased the steam train, which operated very weekend from June through October.

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Also in the June eBulletin are stories about the upcoming ARRC longest day outing in Marion, a look back the 2016 member’s night event, and a story about the new book that ARRC member John Beach has just published about the now abandoned Black Mountain Railway in North Carolina.

In The April ARRC eBulletin

April 18, 2016

April cover

The cover story of the April edition of the Akron Railroad Club eBulletin focuses on 45 years of Amtrak in Northeast Ohio. The national rail passenger carrier will celebrate its 45th anniversary on May 1. When Amtrak began, it had one train, the Chicago-New York Broadway Limited, which stopped only in Canton and Crestline.

Since then three pairs of Amtrak trains have come and gone in Northeast Ohio until today the only trains are the Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited.

Also in the April edition is coverage of the 12th annual McKay Day outing in Berea in early April. The Interchange Track page takes a look at the latest railroad industry news and ARRC President Craig Sanders suggests in his Clear Block Ahead column that dwindling participation in some club events means that those events may have run their course.

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In This Month’s ARRC eBulletin

March 20, 2016


Cover of March issue

Back in April 2007 Akron Railroad Club club members Marty Surdyk and Craig Sanders spent the day railfanning near the shore of Lake Erie east of Cleveland.

They caught Amtrak’s eastbound Lake Shore Limited along with action on CSX and Norfolk Southern. But the highlight of the day was a chase on the Bessemer & Lake Erie that netted two trains.

It was, Craig wrote, one of his most memorable railfan outings. He recounts that day in the cover story of the March eBulletin.

Also in this month’s eBulletin is information about the upcoming April 2 Dave McKay Day outing in Berea and the latest railroad industry news.

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