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Early Penn Central Action in Canton

December 22, 2021

It is the early Penn Central era in Canton, either late 1968 or early 1969. A westbound freight has a motive consist of Penn Central, Pennsylvania and a Bangar & Aroostook unit. This lash-up and its train are about to meet an eastbound freight.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Indiana Museum Leases 2 BL2s

May 21, 2021

An Indiana railroad museum has leased two EMD BL2 locomotives that once operated on the Bangor & Aroostock Railroad in Maine.

The units were most recently operated in New York state on the Saratoga & North Creek Railway and were reported to be en route to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson.

The BL2 were built in 1949. Only 59 of the locomotives were built and seven have been preserved.

The units leased by the Indiana museum are painted in a blue, gray, and yellow scheme that somewhat resembles the Delaware & Hudson scheme.

“There has been a great deal of speculation online about these locomotives,” Kyle Flanigan, Hoosier Valley museum secretary, said in a news release. “At this time, we have no plans to repaint them. Railfans will get the opportunity to photograph the units in their current paint scheme.”

Officials said the BL2 will need mechanical work before they will be operable.

Saving a ‘Condemned’ Image from Oblivion

January 30, 2015




It was a cloudy day on June 17, 1977, just before the rain came. I was in Bangor, Maine, to photograph the Bangor & Aroostook.

The top image is a scan of the original slide. It was condemned to never be shown. BAR 42 (an EMD F-3A) looked as grubby as the day surrounding it.

In the middle image, I experimented by using Adobe Lightroom 5 to make the image black and white.

I clicked on the “Black and White” treatment under Development “Basic.” After trying to get a good black and white image, I edited it in Photoshop Elements 11 to tweak it and size it for the Akron Railroad Club blog. I liked what I saw.

Thankfully, I had not sized the original image in Photoshop Elements 11, so I went back to Lightroom 5 to get the image.

Because the image was now black and white and the original was from a color slide, I took the original image and went to “Basic” treatment “Color” and clicked it.

To my surprise, making the image look good in black and white had given me a good color image also (bottom image).

The new color image isn’t perfect, but it certainly looks a lot better than the original slide.

Article and Photographs by Robert Farkas