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South Shore Two for Tuesday From Michigan City

January 5, 2021

The wayback machine has landed us in Michigan City, Indiana on March 30, 1969. In the top image here are three Chicago, South Shore & South Bend boxcabs and a Chesapeake & Ohio cow/calf/calf set along with other interesting equipment.

In the bottom image CSS&SB 702 and some other units are sitting in the sun.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Museum Preserves GE Box Cab Locomotive

May 1, 2014


The last General Electric 23-ton box cab locomotive ever built for domestic service has been saved by the Lake Shore Railway Historical Society and Museum of North East, Pa.

The diesel locomotive was built in 1939 “for stock” and was used throughout New York, including at Lehigh Portland Cement south of Albany, N.Y., and several steel mills around Buffalo, N.Y.

“This locomotive was built in September 1939 as the last of six similar locomotives built that year,” says Lake Shore President Ray Grabowski, Jr. “It now becomes the oldest General Electric locomotive preserved at Lake Shore Railway Museum.”

Museum officials said that the engine is surprisingly intact considering its age and that they are confident that it will run again.

The engine was moved by truck from Buffalo by Scott Symans of Dunkirk, N.Y., who owns the Viscose No. 6 steam locomotive.

The move was funded by the museum’s Locomotive Rescue Fund.