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Pole Line Remnants

June 3, 2021

There was a time when major railroad lines had poles carrying code lines used in communications systems. Newer forms of technology did in pole lines and many railroads have removed the poles and wires.

The latter in particular were often targeted by thieves seeking to steal the copper wire to sell at a salvage yard.

When pole lines were common, some railroad photographers disliked them, seeing them as clutter. But I’ve come to view pole lines or what is left of them in a different way.

Where they exist they add a sense of railroad history to a scene.

The photographs above were made on May 29 on the Chicago Line of Norfolk Southern just west of Brimfield, Indiana.

I had heard the eastbound 20E calling signals over the radio and looked for a grade crossing at which to catch it. When I saw the remnants of a pole line here I knew this was the place.

It also was nice to have some adjacent farm fields in which the corn is coming up for another harvest season.

Running Westbound at Brimfield

November 25, 2020

Earlier this month I was in Brimfield when a westbound Norfolk Southern manifest freight came along.

No, not the Brimfield in Portage County but the town of the same name in Indiana on the Chicago Line between Kendallville and Goshen.

A portion of the pole line is still in place, but I would think it has been years since it was used.

Today it is nothing more than a nice photo prop that is a throwback to another era.