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Good Way to Start the 2021 Railfan Year

March 15, 2021

Railfans and their cameras were out in force on Saturday in Northeast Ohio as CSX train 166 came through the Canadian Pacific No. 6644 on the point.

The SD70ACU is adorned in a special livery paying tribute to World War II veterans.

It is shown above passing through Perry at 12:24 p.m. on the CSX Erie West Subdivision. On the rear of the train was a distributed power unit with its nose facing outward, a bonus for photographers.

Catching the 166 with something out of the ordinary was the highlight of the photographer’s first railfan photography trip of 2021

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

Nice Catch

December 6, 2020

I ventured out to the Frankfort District of Norfolk Southern on Friday wanting to check out the street running in Elwood, Indiana, and the former passenger station in Tipton.

I only caught one moving train, but what a catch it was. This westbound auto rack train shown in Hobbs, Indiana, had a Canadian Pacific leader and a BNSF trailing unit.

It was delayed for a while east of town after a semi got stuck on a steep approach crossing, its load of large coiled tubing balancing over the tracks.

The truck was pulled off the crossing by a tow truck and the auto rack train was soon on its way.

The Frankfort District, was a former Nickel Plate Road line between Sandusky, Ohio, and Peoria, Illinois. Before the NKP took it over, it was part of the Lake Erie & Western.

Red Nose in Edgerton

November 5, 2020

Norfolk Southern eastbound ethanol train 64R passes the grain elevator in Edgerton, Ohio, on the Chicago Line this past Tuesday.

Since ethanol is derived at least in part from grain, it seems suitable to capture an ethanol train passing a grain elevator.

The Canadian Pacific leader on this train would not stay in that position past Toledo where an NS unit with cab signals was put on the point.

Thus when the 64R passed through Northeast Ohio en route to Reybold, Delaware, it had an NS leader.

The trailing unit in the image above is a CSX locomotive.

Some CP Maroon and Gray

September 24, 2020

Canadian Pacific owns no track in Ohio, but its motive power is a regular visitor thanks to intermodal trains Q165 and Q166.

Those are CP trains that operate on CSX between Chicago and Buffalo, New York.

They often make daytime appearances in Northeast Ohio and it is not unusual for them to have one of the carrier’s heritage units painted in maroon and gray.

Some of those units feature scrip lettering while others have block lettering.

You also might find one of the CP’s military veterans units in the motive power consist of the Q165 and Q166.

Show here are some recent images of the maroon and gray units cause in Lake County.

The first two images were made on Aug. 17 at Main Street in Perry. The third image was made on Aug. 23 east of Perry at Davis Road.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

Getting Lucky With NS 8103 Twice

May 11, 2020

On Sunday I saw that Norfolk Southern 8103, the Norfolk & Western heritage unit, was assigned to train 309 on the lead.

Reports filed on by posters who had seen the 309 after it passed through Erie, Pennsylvania, said that it had a Canadian Pacific unit as the fourth locomotive in the motive power consist.

After seeing the North Kingsville post, I gathered my jacket, keys and camera and went to Maple Street in Perry.

I waited about 25 minutes. Initially, it was cloudy and started spitting rain. About five minutes before showtime the sun came out in exactly the most perfect angle.

The N&W H unit appeared at 5:45 p.m.

Article and Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

CP Air Force Tribute Unit Visits Northeast Ohio

December 9, 2019

The Air Force tribute unit of Canadian Pacific made a visit to Northeast Ohio on Saturday morning, running as the rear DPU on eastbound CP run-through train Q166 on CSX.

SD70ACU No. 7023 was reported by Berea at 9:38 a.m. and through Mentor at 10:45 a.m.

Ed Ribinskas reports that he bagged the 7023 at the former New York Central passenger station in Painesville, getting it after a wait of about 10 minutes.

No. 7023 is one of five military tribute locomotives that CP has that entered revenue service last month.

The units are designed to pay tribute to military forces of Canada and the United States.

No. 7023 wears a two-tone gray that is reminiscent of the livery applied to the air force fleet of both countries.

It has an American flag on one side and a Canadian flag on the other.

Photograph by Edward Ribinskas

Bright Red in Waterloo

November 7, 2019

I’m not sure if this is a Canadian Pacific run-through train or a Norfolk Southern train that had CP motive power.

Most of the consist was tanks cars with ethanol placards along with a few cars of manifest freight.

It is westbound on the Chicago Line of NS in Waterloo, Indiana, and was the last train that I photographed on this day before heading home.

I had traveled to Waterloo to satisfy an NS Chicago Line craving that also included two sides of Amtrak and CP. It was a nice feast.

There are a couple of features in this image that I like starting with the bright red and clean CP AC44CW No. 8039. Ya gotta take those when you can get ’em.

I also liked how the light and shadows provided contrast in this scene. The day had started out clear but by mid morning had turned to overcast in weather reminiscent of what I experienced many times over the years living in close proximity to Lake Erie.

By mid afternoon the clouds had broken up somewhat, but as you can see here there was still light and shadows.

In this image, though, the street in town to the left is cloaked in shadows as its part of the train’s consist. But the most colorful aspect of the scene, that bright red CP locomotive, is shining in the spotlight.

Seeing Red (Again)

October 22, 2018

A while back I wrote a post titled Seeing Red that featured a collection of images I made last year of trains on CSX and Norfolk Southern that had locomotives of either Canadian National or Canadian Pacific in the motive power consist.

In looking through my folder of images I’ve made this year but not yet posted I see that I have another collection of red locomotives. So here is Seeing Red II.

The top photo was made in Bucyrus on Memorial Day Weekend. The train is taking the connection from the Sandusky District to the Fort Wayne Line to continue its eastward journey.

It’s a grain train and I’m not sure where it originated or where it is going. This same train is shown in the second image (from the top) as it was just starting to take the connection.

The third image is Q165, a stack train that routinely has Canadian Pacific motive power because it is a CP train operating on CSX from Buffalo, New York, to Chicago.

It is shown blasting past the Lake Shore Railway Museum in North East, Pennsylvania, back in late May.

The fourth image dates back to last winter and shows an eastbound ethanol train passing through Berea on CSX. Unlike most CN units that we see in NEO, this one has a standard cab on the point. Note the second unit belongs to NS.

Most intermodal trains that pass through NEO on CSX or NS usually have motive power of those railroads. But not always.

Image five shows NS strack train 206 in Berea with a CN unit on the point. Because this train goes east of Cleveland on the former Nickel Plate Road route to Buffalo, it doesn’t need a lead unit with cab signals.

This image was made in late January. Note that the trailing unit is Union Pacific.

The sixth and final image in this series was also made last winter and shows NS westbound train M7N in Berea with three CN locomotives, all of them trailing. A former Burlington Northern “Grinstein” has also made its way into the consist.

One Moving, One Waiting

May 16, 2018

An eastbound CSX ethanol train moves right on through Berea while in the distance a Norfolk Southern trains waits for a favorable signal.

The image was made last January and although it was late in the month the ground was bereft of snow.

One August Day in New London

December 28, 2017

The weather wasn’t the greatest. Mostly cloudy skies and the threat of rain hung over us although the wet stuff didn’t come until later in the day.

I was out with fellow Akron Railroad Club member Peter Bowler and we didn’t have any concrete objective other than to get out and photograph some trains.

We headed out on the CSX Greenwich Subdivision and eventually would work our way west to the Sandusky District of Norfolk Southern.

It had been six years since I had been on the bridge in New London carrying Biglow Parkway over the CSX tracks. The last time I’d been here I was making photographs with slide film.

As I reported in an earlier post this year, we found that someone had cut holes in the fence on  the north side of the bridge. We used those to our advantage.

CSX was single tracking west of CP 47, where the Wheeling & Lake Erie tracks join CSX on the north side of New London. There is also a set of crossover switches there.

We would see four trains pass through CP 47 before we moved on after about an hour. First up was the Q158 which was closely followed by the Q166. The latter was to meet a westbound stack train waiting north of CP 47.

After the Q166 cleared the interlocking plant, the westbound stacker, whose symbol I didn’t record, crossed over from Track 2 to Track 1 to continue its westbound trek.

Shortly after the westbound stack train cleared the crossovers, I spotted a westbound headlight in the distance.

It was manifest freight whose symbol I also didn’t record or understand but it might have been the Q363. It had a long string of auto racks on the rear and I had earlier seen the Q363 with such a consist.

It took the Q363 quite a while to get to CP 47. It, too, crossed over from Track 2 to Track 1.

There didn’t seem to be any more traffic in the vicinity, so after the last of the auto rack cars had cleared the crossovers, we moved on. Four trains in an hour isn’t too bad these days when railfanning CSX.

CP 166 comes through the interlocking with an assortment of Canadian Pacific motive power.

Q166 is about to meet a westbound stack train waiting north of the westbound home signals for CP 47 at New London.

Here comes the Q363. The track veering off to the right is the Wheeling & Lake Erie. It used to be the Akron, Canton & Youngstown line to Cary and it used to cross the New York Central here at a diamond known as Hiles.

Long strings of auto rack cars appended to manifest freights has become a standard procedure in the E. Hunter Harrison era.