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Steam Saturday: Debut of the QJs

February 13, 2021

In 2006, Henry Posner III purchased QJ 2-10-2 steam locomotives No. 6988 (built in 1985) and No. 7081 (built in 1986).

The Datong Locomotive Works locomotives were shipped from China to the Iowa Interstate Railroad.

They debuted along with Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 No. 261 for a series of passenger excursions in September 2006.

Shown are a few highlights of those trips. All of the images were made in September 2006.

In the top image, No. 6988 is at Rock Island, Illinois. Next up No. 6988 and the 261 are together in Rock Island.

Nos. 6988 and 7081 along with Milwaukee Road 261 are shown at Geneseo and Colona, Illinois.

Finally, QJ’s 6988 and 7081 are shown at Chapel Hill, Iowa,

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

Corman QJ to Get New Kentucky Home

February 11, 2016

An R.J. Corman steam locomotive will be getting a new home in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recently approved spending $193,000 to build a structure in Midway to house Chinese-built QJ-class 2-10-2 No. 2008.

CormanThe locomotive had been housed in Lexington and was used to pull the Lexington Dinner train. But that service ended in December and the railroad’s lease on the building used to maintain the QJ expired at the end of the year.

Corman must remove that building from the property by June.

No. 2008 hasn’t run since 2013 after having been assigned to dinner train operation that year. Nicknamed “Old Smoky,” the locomotive once made appearances at the annual Midway Fall Festival.

Midway officials hope that the building to house No. 2008 will be situated near United Bank, where a Louisville & Nashville caboose is display.

The building to house the steamer is expected to cost $241,000.

The QJ was built in 1986 in Datong, China, as No. 7040. R.J. Corman bought the locomotive in 2008.

While ARRC Members Did Steam in the Valley . . .

September 26, 2013


 . . . I was out in Illinois photographing a Chinese steam engine.

We came across this excursion by shear dumb luck. We had departed Galesburg that morning and were working our way back up to Interstate 80 for a fast ride home.

We picked up Route 6 near Sheffield. The Iowa Interstate (ex-Rock Island) main crosses the IAIS just east of town.

As we crossed the tracks we noticed a light way off in the distance. We thought it to be some good luck that we noticed the light and would be able to photograph a westbound IAIS freight. We turned around and went into “downtown” Sheffield where we noticed some tents and food vendors set up.

We inquired about the fair going on and were told there wasn’t any fair but the steam special was due in.

In short order IAIS Chinese-built (1986) QJ No.7081 rolled into town and stopped to unload passengers.

The trips were short, running from Tiskilwa to Sheffield and return. We did some shots while they serviced the QJ and took a few detail photos.

GP38-2 No. 707 was on the east end of the train and would lead back to Tiskilwa. We followed the train back east for a shot or two south of Wyanet, but as time was running short for us (I had to work the next morning) we elected to give up the chase and roll toward home.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee









Cruising along the East Branch of the Hennepin Canal near Wyanet. That's Lock 17 off to the right if I remember correctly.

Cruising along the East Branch of the Hennepin Canal near Wyanet. That’s Lock 17 off to the right if I remember correctly.

A "going away" shot I while some fans take photos.

A “going away” shot I while some fans take photos.