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Railroading as it Once Was: One Day in Hudson

October 27, 2016


A UCI train (Cleveland Electric Illuminating) has outlawed at Hudson on a cold February 1979 afternoon.

The caboose of a Conrail eastbound is just clearing the CEI units. Hudson station still had an operator at this point who controlled this busy location.

The Cleveland & Pittsburgh mains, the crossovers, the wye to the Akron Branch (several trains a day), and the westward and eastward siding switches were handled by the operator as well as the Servo machine.

Today this former Pennsylvania Railroad mainline is as busy as ever, but the wye is only used to spin power. The branch is out of service 400 feet south of the point switch.

The eastward siding is gone and the westward siding is stub-ended and little used.

The station has been leveled and the “Yellowbirds” are no longer Cleveland Electric units.

Article and Photograph by Roger Durfee

Restoration Completed on Erie S-2 in Meadville

October 8, 2016

The former Erie Alco S-2 switcher as it appeared last July before completion of its lettering.

Cosmetic restoration of a former Erie Railroad Alco S-2 switcher has been completed by the French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

The project got underway in 2007 and was completed with society members finishing the lettering of No. 518 in late September.

The locomotive came to the society from the Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad.

Built for the Erie in October 1948, No. 518 served on the Erie Lackawanna and for Cleveland Electric Illuminating before ending up at AC&J.

It is now displayed in Pomona Park in Meadville along with a 1908 wooden Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad boxcar and an Erie Lackawanna bay window caboose, No. C356.

The boxcar is on loan from the collection of the Lake Shore Railway Historical Society while the caboose and the caboose belongs to the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society.

Railroading as it Once Was: ‘Yellowbids’ Flying Through Brady Lake on Conrail’s Cleveland Line

February 4, 2016


Utility companies used to have their own locomotives painted in their own liveries. These units were assigned to coal trains that operated between the mine and the power generating station.

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company had a fleet of nine GP38-2 locomotives that were regular visitors in Northeast Ohio and were dubbed “Yellowbirds” by railfans because of their yellow noses.

Four “Yellowbirds” bring CEI empties east at Brady Lake on Conrail’s Cleveland Line on a fine October 1978 day. A short stub of the former Lake Erie & Pittsburgh/New York Central line is to the left of the train carried the eastbound main of the LE&P.

The westbound main crossed over the Cleveland Line on the bridge in the background, rising on a grade that is visible to the left amide trees and brush.

That is Lake Rockwell to the left in the background, which supplies drinking water for Akron.

All nine “Yellowbirds” were eventually acquired by Union Pacific. Also shown are CEIX Nos. 100 and 105.

Photograph by Roger Durfee