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Red Line Rail Resumes to Hopkins Airport

August 27, 2019

Rail service between Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Tower City was restored on Monday following the completion of a track stabilization project.

The Red Line had been closed between the airport and West Boulevard-Cudell Station for nearly three months as workers repaired and stabilized an S-curve retaining wall adjacent to the Chicago Line of Norfolk Southern.

The $1.3 million project involved placement of 75 steel beam frames to stabilize 300 feet of retaining wall.

India Birdsong

During the line closure passengers rode buses in place of trains.

In an unrelated matter the board of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority formally named India Birdsong as the agency’s chief executive officer and general manager effective Sept. 16.

Birdsong is currently chief operating officer of Nashville’s public transportation authority, WeGo Public Transit.

She also spent nine years with the Chicago Transit Authority in a variety of positions.

Birdsong will replace Joseph Calabrese, who stepped down in September 2018. Floun’say Caver served as interim CEO for the past year.

The RTA board approved a five-year contract for Birdsong that will pay her $260,000 annually.

Caver will return to his prior job as RTA’s deputy general manager for operations.

Blue, Green Lines to be Down For Construction

August 14, 2019

Greater Cleveland RTA said buses will replace trains on Aug. 17 and 17 on the Blue and Green lines east of Tower

City due to construction work on the East 116th Street bridge.

The 67R buses will not serve the Tri-C- Campus District or E. 55th stations, which will continue to be served by Red Line trains.

In a service advisory, RTA said the stop for Tower City is on West Prospect at West 3rd Street.

There is also a 67R stop at Woodland-East 55th and Woodland-East 79th.

The 67R buses will stop at all other stations on the Blue and Green Lines at the special orange 67R bus stop signs.

RTA Red Line Work to be Done by Late August

July 19, 2019

Greater Cleveland RTA expects to finish repairing a retaining wall along its Red Line by late August.

The work is being done on an S curve located between West 117th Street and West Boulevard.

The need to repair the wall became urgent last spring when movement of the wall accelerated.

To stabilize the wall, workers will install 70 steel beams along 300 feet of the wall.

Rail service on the affected portion of the Red line was suspended on May 30 due to safety concerns.

In the meantime, buses have replaced trains between the West Boulevard-Cudell station and Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

The project cost will be $1.3 million and is being done by contractor Great Lakes Construction.

In an unrelated development, Red Line rail service between Tower City and Windermere will be suspended on July 20 and 21 due to construction.

On both days 66R buses will provide alternative service.

The 66R buses will not stop at Tri-C- Campus District station, which is also served by Blue Line and Green Line trains as well as bus routes No. 15 and 19.

The stop for Tower City is located on West Prospect at West Third Street.

The construction work involves the Opportunity Corridor Project, East 105th Street bridge, and a CEI substation.

Part of RTA Red Line Replaced by Buses Until Aug. 10

July 16, 2019

The Red Line of the Greater Cleveland RTA has been shut down in part through Aug. 10 for track work.

Buses have replaced rail service between Cleveland Hopkins Airport and the West Boulevard-Cudell station.

In a service advisory, RTA said route 66R buses will serve the affected stations.

At the airport, the bus stop will be located in the lot between the terminal and the smart parking garage.

To reach the bus stop take the escalator next to the rapid station (one level below baggage claim) up to street level.

The stop for the West 117th Street station will be at the No. 78 stop on 117th Street. The bus will not pull into the rail station.

At West Boulevard, the 66R bus will pull in and stop in front of the station.

Passengers should look for special orange 66R bus stop signs.

Regular Red Line rail service will operate between West Boulevard-Cudell and Windermere as scheduled.

Buses Replace Some Red Line Trains

June 11, 2019

Greater Cleveland RTA has replaced its Red Line trains with buses until further notice in the wake of a problem with a retain wall along the route.

The buses, labeled 66R are operating between the West Boulevard-Cudell station and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Intermediate stations affected include Brookpark, Puritas, West Park, Triskett and West 117th Street.

RTA had earlier announced that it was undertaking “extensive track work” on the Red Line.

The airport stop for the buses will be in the Limo Lot between the main terminal and the Smart Parking Garage.

Bus stops at the Red Line stations will be marked with signs in Cleveland Browns colors.

Contractor Helping RTA Replace Wheels

October 10, 2018

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has hired a Pennsylvania Company to help it replace wheels used on cars on its Red Line.

RTA officials say that the wheels used on Red Line cars have worn down faster than its maintenance forces can replace them.

UTCRAS of Morton, Pennsylvania, will replace wheels on seven of the Red Line’s 40 cars. The company is also expected to receive a $265,574 contract to repair the chassis of 13 cars.

By hiring an outside contractor, RTA officials said they will get the repairs done sooner and that, in turn, will enable RTA to resume running two-car trains for each rush hour schedule.

RTA needs 24 cars to provide two-car trains during rush hours. Although there are 24 serviceable cars available, if one or more of those cars needs repairs RTA is caught short.

Although new wheels were ordered in July 2017, they didn’t arrive until earlier this year.

As some cars were in the shop to get repairs, the wheels on cars in revenue service began wearing out faster than anticipated.

RTA began a second shift and redeployed some of its mechanics to accelerate the repair work.

The agency has also begun hiring to replace vacant positions and started ordering parts farther in advance.

Hiring UTCRAS enabled RTA to install new wheels on five cars in four weeks, which exceeded the pace of 2.2 cars per month when the work was done solely by RTA workers.

RTA hopes to have 32 cars in revenue service by next April.

In an unrelated development, RTA is also holding a sweepstakes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Red Line’s extension to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The winner will receive two tickets on Icelandair for travel between Cleveland and Iceland. The winner will also receive four nights of hotel accommodations that include breakfast, airport and hotel transfers, as well as a tour of the Golden Circle.

Entries can be made on the RTA website through Nov. 11. Only one entry per valid email address will be allowed.

RTA Red Line to Mark 50th Anniversary

September 19, 2018

A Cleveland RTA Red Line train sits in the Hopkins Airport station. The airport route will observe its 50th anniversary later this year.

The Red Line to Cleveland Hopkins Airport will mark its 50th anniversary this November.

When it opened in 1968, Cleveland became the first city in the Western Hemisphere to offer direct rail service between its central business district and an international airport.

Construction of the Red Line began in 1952 and service on the initial leg began three years later.

“Today, it remains a critical component, not only to downtown economic development but to the “burgeoning travel, tourism and convention business in the city,” said Floun’say Caver, the interim CEO of Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

RTA dedicated a rebuilt station at Hopkins airport in 1993. The agency currently provides Red Line service 21 hours a day.

Cleveland RTA Upgrading Signals

August 21, 2018

Work got underway this week to repair the signal system on the Blue and Green lines of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

Trains may face minor delays during the course of the project, which is expected to take three to four months to complete.

The signal upgrading is part of a $47 million rehabilitation project. Earlier this month, the agency replaced 7,300 ties and rebuilt some track structure on Red Line.

The Blue and Green lines have 30 miles of one-way track that serve 34 stations.

Part of RTA Red Line Closed for Track Work

July 23, 2018

A portion of the Greater Cleveland RTA Red Line closed on Sunday for track repair and will be out of service through Aug. 11.

The affected track is between the Puritas and West 117th Street stations. Passengers using those stations will ride a 66R bus at no extra fare.

RTA officials said passengers should add 30 minutes to their typical commute.

The work involves installation of new rails and 7,300 new crossties. Tracks will be replaced at the West Park and Triskett stations, which lie between Puritas and West 117th.

For an updated schedule and more information, see

Red Line Cars to be Made Rolling Art Exhibit

April 23, 2018

A nonprofit group in Cleveland plans to transform some transit cars of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority into a rolling museum of contemporary art.

LAND Studio is looking for artists who will create artworks that will be placed in the windows of 25 Red Line cars.

Each artist will receive $1,500 to create designs for artworks capable of being digitized and printed on vinyl.

Five Red Line cars with have works by five artists to match one of five literary passages taken from the work of a Anisfield-Wolf Book Award winner.

The art placed on the five cars will be duplicated five times on Red Line cars thus presenting 25 responses to the five individual literary passages by five writers. Excerpts from the writings will also be displayed on the windows.

LAND is taking applications from artists through April 30. Applicants must submit portfolios of their work through an online portal or by contacting LAND Studio’s Joe Lanzilotta at with subject line: INTER|URBAN RFP.

The Anisfield-Wolf Book Award is administered by the Cleveland Foundation to “recognize books that contribute to our understanding of racism and our appreciation of diversity.”

The passages to be interpreted by the artists will be chosen from: The Negro Speaks of Rivers, by Langston Hughes; The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration, by Isabel Wilkerson; The Fortunes, by Peter Ho Davies; Far From the Tree, by Andrew Solomon; and The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle, by Lillian Faderman.

The Cleveland Foundation is providing $185,000 for the project to place the art on the Red Line cars.

This is the second project involving LAND Studio and RTA. In 2016, painters and photographers produced a dozen large-scale indoor and outdoor murals that were placed along the Red Line.