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SD40-2s on the Prairie

November 17, 2020

I grew up in east central Illinois so I am well aware of how flat the landscape is there.

Yet if you seek to make photographs of railroads in action it can be more of a challenge than you think to create images that scream “this is the prairie.”

Illinois is sometimes called the Prairie State although little native prairie land remains. Today it is a moniker for being farmland.

 You might be surprised and at times frustrated at how many trees there are along the railroads of Illinois. Open views that suggest a vast open landscape can take some doing to find.

In the image above a pair of SD40-2s working for the Decatur & Eastern Illinois are running light eastbound a little east of Tuscola.

I had photographed a D&EI train at this same location last summer when crops were still in these fields.

Now those crops have been harvested and the field in the foreground plowed for the winter.

Plowing after harvest used to be commonplace but is less so today.

Flapping Its Wings Westbound

June 1, 2020

Amtrak’s Chicago-bound Cardinal is on the money as it cruises northbound on the former Monon route about 10 miles north of Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Train No. 51, which operates here on Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning has two Amfleet II coaches, two Amfleet food service cars, a Viewliner sleeper and a Viewliner baggage dorm car.

It was the first time I’d seen, let along photographed, a Viewliner dorm-bag.

The train is on CSX tracks that in this location run next to Old U.S. Route 231.

A cloud shelf that was breaking up led to some dramatic light and sky conditions for this image.

Ready for Harvest

November 20, 2019

The corn in this field west of Greens Fork, Indiana, is ready to be harvested but the farmer had other things to on this Saturday afternoon, such as harvesting another field.

In the meantime, Norfolk Southern steel slab train 61T heads west past the field on the New Castle District in a classic late fall scene.

Cloud over the Wheeling & Lake Erie

May 16, 2017

Sure, I like the Wheeling & Lake Erie lead locomotive in this scene. For that matter I like the varied motive power consist of this eastbound tank car train on the Brewster Subdivision southeast of Spencer.

And I like the surrounding fields that give a sense of place.

Yet what I like the most about this image is that big old cloud hovering over the train.

I had been dodging clouds all day during this outing and for once the clouds cooperated by not blocking the sun.