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Conrail Society Moves Boxcar to New Home

August 24, 2021

The Conrail Historical Society moved last weekend a 86-foot-long boxcar that is slated to be the next home of the society’s museum and archive.

A local moving company helped move car 243880 within Pennsylvania from Chambersburg to Shippensburg.

The car was built for Penn Central and acquired from CSX, which had used it to move auto parts.

Located next to the Cumberland Valley Railroad Museum, creating of the museum and archive in the boxcar is expected to cost $134,000 of which $100,00 will be covered by a grant from the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau.
The CVRM is located within a former PC boxcar adjacent to the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail.

The Conrail society plans to restore its boxcar to a Conrail scheme and give it insulation, heating and air conditioning.

Officials said there is no timeline for the museum’s opening. 

Boxcar to Become Conrail Museum in Pennsylvania

July 22, 2020

Drawings show plans for how a boxcar will be transformed into a museum and archive by the Conrail Historical Society.

A former Conrail boxcar will be transformed into a museum operated by the Conrail Historical Society in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

The 86-foot auto-parts boxcar, Conrail No. 295644, was donated by CSX.

Built in 1970, the car will be repainted into Conrail markings and its 10,467-cubic-foot interior will become a museum and archive.

The bulk of the funding of the project will be a $100,000 grant from the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau.

The remaining $34,000 will come from the society funds and in-kind donations of local contractors for material and labor.

The boxcar is now in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and will be moved by truck. The museum is projected to open in 2021.