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CSX OCS to Pass Through Akron Today

August 17, 2022

The CSX executive train is slated to pass through Akron today (Aug. 17) in early afternoon.

The train, led by F40 units and passenger cars in a Baltimore & Ohio inspired livery, will be heading to Chicago via the New Castle Subdivision in Northeast Ohio.

It is expected to reach Akron between noon and 1 p.m. On Tuesday the executive train passed through Cumberland, Maryland.

Distinctive Visitors in Berea

May 14, 2022

Catching and photographing the CSX executive train in its distinctive and attractive Baltimore & Ohio inspired livery has been on my “to do” list ever since the scheme debuted.

But the executive train doesn’t operate all that often and when it does you have to be in the right place at the right time.

That right place and right time for me occurred on May 11. I happened to be in Cleveland on business and had the opportunity to spend time in Berea that morning.

I saw on Heritage that the three CSX F40PH-2 units were on the road, having left Buffalo, New York, around 6:15 a.m. en route to Chicago.

I figured that would put them through Berea around mid to late morning depending on traffic and dispatching preference.

Sure enough, there were some railfans on hand waiting for train P001, including Akron Railroad Club President Todd Dillon. He had information that P001 blew through Collinwood Yard on Cleveland’s east side and would soon be bearing down on us. That would put it through Berea not long after 9 a.m.

I stood near the tree by the Dave McKay memorial with a cluster of other railfans and waited. It wasn’t long before I could hear P001 calling signal indications over the radio.

Then a headlight came into view. I looked through my camera lens and waited. At that point it seemed as though the train had stopped.

In fact, it had. Just east of Berea a broken air hose sent the train into emergency.

Although CSX dispatched a maintenance truck to the scene, it wasn’t needed. The crew resolved the problem and P001 was on the move, albeit at restricted speed.

Among the onlookers watching the train come through were Rita and Rich Volosyn of Brunswick. Their son Paul was the locomotive engineer assigned to P001 and was working from Buffalo to Willard.

Also on hand was a CSX special agent to ensure that no one got too close to the tracks.

The 12-car train was led by CSX1, CSX2 and CSX3. The trio of F40s are former Amtrak units. They were lined up elephant style and made for an impressive sight.

CSX1 was built in April 1978 and given Amtrak roster number 280. After being retired by Amtrak, it was picked up by the Ohio Central System, where it continued to carry roster number 280.

After CSX acquired the unit, it renumbered it 9998. Upon being repainted into the B&O scheme, it was renumbered CSX1.

On the rear of the train was theater car W. Thomas Rice. But its shades were drawn, which suggested no one was aboard. The train also featured dome car Moonlight Dome. Built in 1947 for the Chesapeake & Ohio for its planned but never launched Chessie streamliner.

The B&O acquired the car in December 1950 where it operated on the Shenandoah and, after October 1963, the Capitol Limited. It later ran on the Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Coast Line before ending up on the Amtrak roster. After being sold by Amtrak Moonlight Dome had a series of owners, including The Cincinnati Railway Company, which sold it to CSX in 2020.

CSX Executive Train Passes Through Painesville

May 12, 2022

The CSX executive train made a pass through Northeast Ohio on Wednesday morning en route from Buffalo, New York, to Chicago. The train was pulled by three F40 locomotives, CSX 1, CSX 2 and CSX 3, running elephant style and adorned with the Baltimore & Ohio-inspired livery.

The 12-car train is shown above passing through Painesville by the former New York Central passenger station at 8:10 a.m.

Featured in the middle image is dome car Moonlight Dome. The third image shows platform observation car John T. Collinson and theater car W. Thomas Rice.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

CSX Operated Kentucky Derby Train

May 9, 2022

CSX kept alive the tradition of operating passenger specials to the Kentucky Derby.

The CSX Derby train arrived about noon on Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky, at Central Avenue near Cardinal Stadium.

The train was reported to have used R.J. Corman track between Lexington and Anchorage, Kentucky. It stopped in Louisville for 15 minutes to unload those heading over to Churchill Downs to take in a day at the races.

An online report said the train, which was led by three CSX F40 locomotives in the Baltimore & Ohio –inspired livery CSX unveiled last year for its executive train fleet, left Louisville after discharging its passengers.

After the race, the passengers were taken by bus back to Lexington. The train also featured a theater car on the rear.

Reportedly, the CSX executive train is going to run on Wednesday from Buffalo, New York, to Chicago, with an approximately noon arrival in Willard.

The Capitol Limited Returns to Akron

August 27, 2021
The CSX office car special passes through Akron Thursday morning.
Rattling the diamonds at Center Street in Youngstown
At Station Square in Pittsburgh. The Capitol Limited of the Baltimore & Ohio used to stop here.
I got cloud skunked just as the train passed the Pittsburgh skyline

Thursday morning CSX ran its ofice car special across northern Ohio and Pennsylvania.

With two F40PHs and 11 passenger cars all decked out in a Baltimore & Ohio inspired livery it looked like the Capitol Limited had returned once again.

I first caught the special at Akron.  The weather was foggy and overcast but my photos turned out okay.

Next was Youngstown where the weather wasn’t any better but I was interviewed by a local TV station curious as to why all the railfans were waiting on the Center Street bridge.

Then it was on to Station Square in Pittsburgh.  The weather was much improved but we unfortunately were cloud skunked when the train arrived.

In times past the Capitol would have made a stop here.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

Erstwhile Capitol Limited Comes Through

June 11, 2021

The CSX office car special ran between Cleveland and Indianapolis on Thursday. I was able to catch it at Greenwich.

It has recently been repainted into Baltimore & Ohio colors along with a pair of F40PH units to match. 

Unfortunately the F40s had technical issues and a pair of tier 4 GEVOs were added to the head end. This was a bit disappointing but it was still a sharp looking train reminiscent of the B&O Capitol Limited.

Of interest is Moonlight Dome a former B&O dome car which CSX purchased last year for the OCS train.

The car was built for the Chesapeake & Ohio for use on its ill-fated Chessie streamliner. But after that train was cancelled before it began operations,

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

CSX OCS in Cleveland Today

June 10, 2021

The CSX executive train will reportedly operate from Cleveland to Indianapolis today.

The train, with F40 locomotives CSX 1 and CSX 2, is reportedly en route to Evansville, Indiana, and Waycross, Georgia, according to online reports whose accuracy could not be verified.

Reports on said the train passed through Mentor at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday with CSX No. 3310 leading.

It was operating with train symbol P001-09. Both F40s were painted in a new livery inspired by the blue, gray and black Baltimore & Ohio locomotive livery of the 1940s and 1950s.

The train earlier this week was in Massachusetts and traveled the former Boston & Albany and Water Level routes to Cleveland.

It was reported on Wednesday in Buffalo at 8:27 p.m. and at North East, Pennsylvania, at 9:45 p.m.

An online report indicated the train is due to arrive in Waycross on Friday night.

UPDATE: Online reports indicated the executive train was spotted at Greenwich at 7:30 a.m. and the two F40 units were trailing.

CSX Paints F40 Into B&O Inspired Livery

May 21, 2021

Railfan and Railroad magazine reported on its Facebook page that CSX has repainted one of its executive fleet F40PH locomotives into a Baltimore & Ohio-inspired livery.

A photograph accompanying the report showed the unit has been named CSX1.

CSX will reportedly repaint other F40s into the same blue, gray and black livery as they are cycled through the shop.

The image posted online shows a gold spot on the nose where the B&O herald would have been applied. The words “CSX Transportation” appear on the flanks rather than “Baltimore & Ohio.”

CSX Buys Dome Car

September 8, 2020

CSX has purchased two cars from the Cincinnati Railway, which operates the Ohio Rail Experience, the Cincinnati Scenic Railway and the Cincinnati Dinner train.

Sold were dome car Moonlight Dome and sleeper Birch Grove, which CSX plans to use as part of its executive fleet.

The cars had been used for private varnish charters and American Association of Private Rail Car Owners convention trains.

In a letter posted on a railfan chat list and sent to its customers, Cincinnati Railway majority owners Brian and Vicky Collins and Harry and Patti Davis said that operating private rail cars has become difficult due “to the continued onerous directives and rates applied by Amtrak and the ever increasing general upkeep and operating cost.”

The letter said CSX approached the owners to see if Moonlight Dome might be for sale.

CSX had been seeking a Budd-built dome to modify for use as a Presidents car for inspections and entertainment.

Cincinnati Railway agreed to sell the car but only if CSX also purchased Birch Grove at the same time.

After agreeing on terms, Cincinnati Railway sent both cars to CSX.

The letter said the it will continue to offer opportunities to ride in private rail cars through its Ohio Rail Experience excursions.

Birch Grove was built for the Southern Pacific in 1950 for its Sunset Limited. It later was operated by Amtrak. It has six up and down double bedroom suites and nine single bed roomettes.

Moonlight Dome was built in 1947 for the Chesapeake & Ohio as a low-profile dome suitable for use in the East. It has bedrooms and a lounge area in addition to its 24-seat dome section.

One Day on the Hill

February 20, 2020

The hill near Home and Tallmadge avenues in Akron has long been a favorite spot of photographers to capture trains on film or megapixels.

Shown above is Baltimore & Ohio GP40-2 No. 4444 leading a CSX office car special eastbound on the hill.

The roster number of the locomotive alone would make it interesting, but the photographer suggested this may have been one of the first moves of a CSX business car train.

The image was made on April 9, 1987.

Photograph by Robert Farkas