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CSX Scaling Back North Baltimore Terminal

October 14, 2017

CSX is scaling back operations at its Northwest Ohio intermodal facility near North Baltimore, Trains magazine reported on Friday.

The magazine quoted unnamed sources who said that the facility may survive as a block swapping point but its hub and spoke operation is yet another victim of the railroad’s move to precision scheduled railroading as traffic is diverted away from it.

The $175 million terminal opened in summer 2011. It was based on a concept widely practiced in the airline industry but which is unique in railroad intermodal operations.

Trains would converge on North Baltimore from various cities and exchange containers.

The theory behind this was that it would enable the development of business in cities lacking enough density to justify point-to-point trains.

Specially, CSX cited cities such as Detroit and Louisville, Kentucky. Now CSX plans to pare down how much intermodal business it handles at both cities to points in California, Texas, Mexico, Florida as well as Montreal and Syracuse, New York.

Located on the former Baltimore & Ohio mainline between Chicago and Pittsburgh, the North Baltimore terminal had been handling 30 plus trains a day using state of the art loading and unloading equipment and sorting practices. It employs 300.

CSX has not made public its plans for the terminal. “CSX does not have any plans to discontinue operations at the North Baltimore facility,” said spokesman Rob Doolittle. “We are reviewing our train plan at the North Baltimore terminal to identify opportunities to provide better service to our intermodal customers, and CSX will communicate any changes that may be made directly to affected customers, employees, and other stakeholders.”


New Train Serving Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminal

September 22, 2017

A new daily intermodal train is now operating between Norfolk, Virginia, and the just-opened CSX intermodal terminal in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

The train is carrying double-stacked containers between the Port of Virginia to Richmond, where it gets onto the former Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad.

The train passes through Washington, using the newly completed Virginia Avenue tunnel, before heading west on the former Baltimore & Ohio mainline.

CSX Opens Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminal

September 9, 2017

A new intermodal terminal operated by CSX near Pittsburgh is open for business.

The 70-acre facility along the former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie in McKees Rocks will link Pittsburgh and markets in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

The intermodal terminal was a public-private partnership and cost $850 million. It will handle double-stacked containers.

“Our newest facility in Pittsburgh will connect southwestern Pennsylvania to markets across the country and around the world, while improving supply chain flows and reducing transportation costs,” said Fredrick Eliasson, vice president and chief sales and marketing officer at CSX, in a statement.

Campbell Soup to Build Facility in Findlay

August 11, 2017

CSX got some mmmmm good news from the Campbell Soup Company this week.

Campbell plans to spend $44 million for a 740,000 square-foot distribution center near Findlay.

Company officials said they located the center based on Findlay’s proximity to the Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal that CSX operates at North Baltimore.

Findlay also is located along Interstate 75 and near a Campbell’s factory in Napoleon.

“Because of the transportation lanes available here, we can distribute [products] nationwide via truck or rail from here,” said Mark Cacciatore, vice president of supply chain at Campbell.

Cacciatore said that soup and other products will be sent to the North Baltimore facility for distribution to the West Coast.

The Findlay site, which is expected to employ 200, will receive soup, broth and stock products, along with beverages and other food and organic products.

CSX Pittsburgh Terminal to Open in August

July 5, 2017

An intermodal terminal under construction near Pittsburgh will open in late August, CSX officials say.

The 70-acre site is located in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, along the former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie mainline.

The facility is costing $60 million to develop and is expected to employ 30-40 permanent employees.

The terminal will have two processing tracks, one support track, and one lead track. A CSX spokesperson told Trains magazine that the scope of operations of the terminal will be determined in August.

When announcing the terminal earlier, CSX had said that it will serve the Pittsburgh region and East Coast ports.

The Pittsburgh intermodal terminal is also tied in with the CSX National Gateway initiative to link the Midwest and ports in the Mid-Atlantic.

Once the National Gateway is fully operational it also will handle stacked container trains between the Midwest and ports in North Carolina.

CSX, Schneider Ink New Contract

March 10, 2017

CSX will continue to serve as a primary rail provider for trucking firm Schneider National.

The two companies announced this week that they have reached a multiyear agreement that enables Schneider to serve the eastern United States as demand for intermodal transportation increases.

“By combining the expertise of one of the country’s largest intermodal providers and one of the country’s major railroads, Schneider has been able to provide creative solutions to more efficiently move intermodal freight with truck-like service,” said Jim Filter, senior vice president and general manager of Schneider Intermodal.

CSX has served as Schneider’s primary Eastern rail provider since 2008. Schneider maintains a terminal in Marion, Ohio, that is served by CSX and uses the railroad’s Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal at North Baltimore, Ohio.

The latest agreement provides Schneider customers with capacity and operational interfaces designed to increase accessibility and efficiency of rail moves.

“There is significant opportunity to optimize modal selection and convert freight from highway to rail in the Eastern U.S. CSX continues to invest in the intermodal growth opportunity, and we are excited to extend our relationship with Schneider as they truly are a premier intermodal provider,” said Dean Piacente, CSX vice president-intermodal, in a statement.

CSX Eyes Building Chicago Intermodal Terminal

February 1, 2017

CSX is planning an intermodal facility near Chicago along the joint line that it uses with Union Pacific.

CSX logo 1The site is on the former Chicago & Eastern Illinois route in Crete, Illinois, 33 miles south of Chicago.

Although CSX has not announced plans for the 1,100 acre site, speculation on public forums has already triggered NIMBY opposition amid support from public officials.

Some residents have objected to the likelihood of CSX building an overpass for Crete-Monee Road.

Opponents appeared at a public hearing last month and signs opposing the intermodal site have sprung up along roads in the largely rural area.

The intermodal site, though, would be within the village of Crete.

“There is substantial support among local, state, and regional officials for the (Crete) concept,” said CSX spokesman Rob Doolittle. “Locating a facility there would enhance the region’s ability to manage the growing volume of intermodal freight moving to and from the Chicago region.”

The area where the intermodal site would be built has seen growth in warehouses and distribution businesses in recent years.

The village has rezoned the property for intermodal terminal use. CSX purchased the land in June 2016.

If CSX develops the intermodal facility it would part of its Southeastern Corridor and become the first Chicago area intermodal facility tied directly to the port of Miami, which is a gateway to Latin American.

CSX Expects to Begin Using Englarged Virginia Avenue Tunnel in Washington by Late This Year

July 23, 2016

Trains magazine is reporting that the Virginia Avenue Tunnel being enlarged by CSX will be ready to handle double-stacked container trains later this year.

CSX logo 1Completion of one phase of that project will mark a major milestone in the development of the railroad’s National Gateway program.

Work on enlarging the tunnel began in May 2015. The tunnel enlargement drew some opposition in Washington and CSX said it has made more than 51,000 contacts with people living over the tunnel to explain the project.

That included public meetings, social media interactions and email newletters. CSX also established an office near the tunnel’s west portal.

The project involves creating a new tunnel and then replacing the existing tunnel, which was constructed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1872.

Trains reported that CSX is using a cut-and-cover approach to building the tunnels, which involves digging a new trench adjacent to the existing bore and then placing a concrete cover over it.

Disruptions to the neighborhood are being minimized by drilling pilings to support the walls of both new tunnels.

CSX has set up a website to provide information and updates on the project at

Completion of the tunnel will mean that double-stacked container trains can travel between the Northwest Ohio Intermodal facility in North Baltimore to the Southeast.

Presumably, that traffic will move over the New Castle Subdivision via Akron.

CSX is also constructing a new intermodal terminal near Pittsburgh that also is expected to send traffic over the New Castle Sub.

CSX, Western Pa. officials Gather to Celebrate Construction of Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminal

December 8, 2015

CSX and western Pennsylvania officials celebrated last week the construction of the Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal, a $60 million facility that is expected to open in 2017.

Construction of the 70-acre facility began in September in McKees Rocks on the site of a one-time Pittsburgh & Lake Erie yard.

When completed, the terminal will serve manufacturers and distributors in western Pennsylvania.

“Together, we are making an investment here in Stowe Township and McKees Rocks that will transform an industrial space into a modern, state-of-the art facility,” said CSX President Clarence Gooden. “None of this would be possible without the vision, dedication and commitment of our many partners in this project, including Allegheny County, Stowe Township and the McKees Rocks Borough, Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation.”

The first step in building the intermodal terminal involved razing existing structures on the site.

CSX About to Begin Building Pittsburgh Terminal

October 8, 2015

CSX is about to begin construction of a $60 million intermodal terminal in Pittsburgh.

The 70-acre Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal is being developed in a former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad yard in McKees Rocks and Stowe Township.

“After many months of hard work from dozens of experts and partners working to strengthen transportation options and the area economy, the first phase of project development is complete, including planning, design, permitting and property acquisition,” said CSX President Clarence Gooden in a statement.

The railroad two years ago announced its plans to develop the facility, which is expected to serve western Pennsylvania.