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CSX Closes Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminal

May 6, 2020

Less than three years after it opened, CSX has closed an intermodal terminal in Pittsburgh.

The terminal, which cost $60 million and was located in a former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie yard in McKees Rocks, was part of the National Gateway Initiative that a previous management of CSX launched in 2008.

The Pittsburgh terminal, which opened in September 2017, was the last component of the National Gateway to be completed.

The $850 million public-private project also included construction of an intermodal terminal at North Baltimore, Ohio.

At the time that these terminals were built, CSX was using a hub and spoke strategy to build intermodal traffic.

That strategy was dropped several months after the late E. Hunter Harrison became CEO of CSX in March 2017. Instead CSX began favoring intermodal service lanes with the highest volume and profit.

An analysis published on the website of Trains magazine suggested that the 70-acre Pittsburgh intermodal facility was doomed by the decision of CSX to end steel wheel transfer in Chicago of intermodal containers and trailers received from western railroads.

Instead those containers and trailers are moved across Chicago by highway.

Trains quoted intermodal consultant Larry Gross as saying this effectively made traffic coming into Pittsburgh from the West a 460-mile haul for CSX, which the carrier might not have seen as being profitable enough.

Gross noted Pittsburgh is a relatively short haul for CSX intermodal traffic and that worked against it.

He also said the CSX network was not well suited for diverting north-south highway traffic through Pittsburgh onto rails.

CSX has leased the site of the Pittsburgh intermodal terminal to Shell Oil Company, which will use it as a storage-in-transit facility for a new petrochemicals complex it is building 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh in Potter Township that will produce 1.6 million tons of polyethylene annually.

However, CSX stands to benefit because the haulage of plastic pellets is more profitable than intermodal traffic.

CSX said it can handle intermodal traffic to Pittsburgh through other existing terminals.

CSX Expects to Begin Using Englarged Virginia Avenue Tunnel in Washington by Late This Year

July 23, 2016

Trains magazine is reporting that the Virginia Avenue Tunnel being enlarged by CSX will be ready to handle double-stacked container trains later this year.

CSX logo 1Completion of one phase of that project will mark a major milestone in the development of the railroad’s National Gateway program.

Work on enlarging the tunnel began in May 2015. The tunnel enlargement drew some opposition in Washington and CSX said it has made more than 51,000 contacts with people living over the tunnel to explain the project.

That included public meetings, social media interactions and email newletters. CSX also established an office near the tunnel’s west portal.

The project involves creating a new tunnel and then replacing the existing tunnel, which was constructed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1872.

Trains reported that CSX is using a cut-and-cover approach to building the tunnels, which involves digging a new trench adjacent to the existing bore and then placing a concrete cover over it.

Disruptions to the neighborhood are being minimized by drilling pilings to support the walls of both new tunnels.

CSX has set up a website to provide information and updates on the project at

Completion of the tunnel will mean that double-stacked container trains can travel between the Northwest Ohio Intermodal facility in North Baltimore to the Southeast.

Presumably, that traffic will move over the New Castle Subdivision via Akron.

CSX is also constructing a new intermodal terminal near Pittsburgh that also is expected to send traffic over the New Castle Sub.

CSX, Western Pa. officials Gather to Celebrate Construction of Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminal

December 8, 2015

CSX and western Pennsylvania officials celebrated last week the construction of the Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal, a $60 million facility that is expected to open in 2017.

Construction of the 70-acre facility began in September in McKees Rocks on the site of a one-time Pittsburgh & Lake Erie yard.

When completed, the terminal will serve manufacturers and distributors in western Pennsylvania.

“Together, we are making an investment here in Stowe Township and McKees Rocks that will transform an industrial space into a modern, state-of-the art facility,” said CSX President Clarence Gooden. “None of this would be possible without the vision, dedication and commitment of our many partners in this project, including Allegheny County, Stowe Township and the McKees Rocks Borough, Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation.”

The first step in building the intermodal terminal involved razing existing structures on the site.

CSX About to Begin Building Pittsburgh Terminal

October 8, 2015

CSX is about to begin construction of a $60 million intermodal terminal in Pittsburgh.

The 70-acre Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal is being developed in a former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad yard in McKees Rocks and Stowe Township.

“After many months of hard work from dozens of experts and partners working to strengthen transportation options and the area economy, the first phase of project development is complete, including planning, design, permitting and property acquisition,” said CSX President Clarence Gooden in a statement.

The railroad two years ago announced its plans to develop the facility, which is expected to serve western Pennsylvania.

CSX Receives Award for New Pittsburgh Facility

October 15, 2014

CSX has been awarded a 2013 Economic Development Partner of the Year Award by the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association for the railroad’s work in developing an intermodal facility on a brownfield site in Pittsburgh.

The former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad yard at McKees Rocks is being repurposed in the $58 million project that will be part of the CSX National Gateway linking the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

The project is being developed in cooperation with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Allegheny County Economic Development, McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation, Stowe Township Commission and Trinity Commercial Developments.


CSX to Build Pittsburgh Intermodal Facility

October 20, 2013

CSX announced on Thursday that it will build an intermodal facility in McKees Rocks, Pa., that will serve the greater Pittsburgh area.

The intermodal facility will be built in a former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Yard. CSX said in a news release that the project will generate approximately 360 jobs during construction.

After opening, the facility will support approximately 40 on-site jobs, 40 drayage jobs and 100 indirect jobs throughout the region as a result of improved transportation access and distribution opportunities for local and regional businesses.

The news release said the intermodal facility will create transportation saving opportunities by giving western Pennsylvania shippers direct intermodal freight rail access, allowing for the shift of long-haul freight from highway to rail and strengthening the transportation infrastructure serving the region’s economy.

“We look forward to deepening our long-standing relationship with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through our commitment to invest up to $50 million on a facility that will create more economic opportunity for its residents and significantly enhance distribution opportunities for its businesses,” said Michael J. Ward, chairman, president and chief executive officer of CSX.

The Pittsburgh Intermodal Facility will be a part of CSX’s National Gateway project, an $850 million public-private partnership to create a intermodal rail corridor between the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest.

Funded by CSX and its federal and state government partners, including a $35 million Pennsylvania Transportation Assistance Program Grant, CSX said that the National Gateway will create more than 9,000 jobs in Pennsylvania.

In early September, the National Gateway coalition announced that the first phase of the project had been cleared, making way for double-stack intermodal rail service between CSX’s intermodal terminal in Chambersburg, Pa., and its new intermodal hub in Northwest Ohio.

CSX said it expects to complete planning, design, permitting and property acquisition for the approximately 65-70 acre Pittsburgh Intermodal Facility in 2014, with the goal of beginning the two-year construction process in 2015.