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Maintaining the Tracks in Marion

February 15, 2018

I was in Marion last summer when a train calling symbol W053 on the radio approached from the north on the Columbus Subdivision.

It turned out to be a work train that was spraying weeds along the right of way.

The machine was turned off as the train passed Marion Union Station.

Reflections of CSX

July 12, 2017

Sometimes an idea for a doing something different with your camera just comes to you.

That was how I came to make the image shown at the top of this posting.

I was standing next to the fence waiting for a CSX work train to arrive in Marion on the Columbus Subdivision.

It would be something different as I don’t recall ever photographing a weed sprayer train.

I just happened to turn around toward the station and saw a reflection of the approaching train in a window. Now that’s different.

I made three images of the train before turning back to face it for a more traditional head-on image. The oneĀ  you see is the middle one.

Because the train was reflected in the window, everything is backward. I could have easily fixed that in Photoshop, but the resulting image would not have reflected (pun not intended) what I actually saw.