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FPA-4 No. 6767 in Better Days

November 12, 2017

Today FPA-4 No. 6767 may sit at Fitzwater Yard stripped of its siding and components, but it hasn’t always been this way. Here is  the 6767 in better times. She is shown in London, Ontario, on March 25, 1981, working for VIA Rail Canada.

Photograph by Robert Farkas


November 11, 2017

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad owns four FPA-4 locomotives. All were built in 1959 for Canadian National by Montreal Locomotive Works under license from Alco.

If you’ve followed the CVSR over the years, you’ve seen and photographed Nos. 6771, 6777 and 800. The latter wears a Baltimore & Ohio livery while the other two have in the past two years been repainted into the CVSR’s sharp-looking V-stripe livery.

Then there is the 6767. It arrived on the property in March 2001 after being acquired from a previous owner in North Carolina.

No. 6767 was in rough condition when it arrived on the CVSR. It had sat on static display outside a business.

The unit was found to have a seized prime mover due to a stack being left uncapped, thus exposing the engine to the elements.

Nonetheless, CVSR 6767 had been repainted by 2005 from its VIA Rail Canada markings to the CVSR livery.

Numerous photographs have been posted at of the 6767 sitting at Fitzwater Yard and Shops, but none showing it pulling a train on the road.

I caught the 6767 in May 2014 sitting by itself on the siding in Peninsula and looking quite the worse for wear.

One report I saw was that the 6767 had been stripped of its parts and was to be converted to a cab car.

Apparently, the 6767 was moved to Ohio Locomotive Works in Lorain where it was stripped down to its framework. This is the same shop that rebuilt CVSR C420 No. 365.

Back in September, though, I spotted the 6767 at Fitzwater. Something has happened that brought the 6767 back home and it looks nothing like a cab car

I don’t know the story behind that or the plans for its future. What I can easily see is that this locomotive working on trains anytime soon and maybe not at all.