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CSX Donates Caboose to Conrail Group

September 5, 2020

CSX has donated a caboose to the Conrail Historical Society.

Extended-vision caboose No. 22130, which still wears its Conrail livery, was retired by CSX earlier this year.

It was built in August 1970 by by International Car Company for the Reading Company and is was one of just 10 class N-20 cabooses among the more than 2,500 waycars on the Conrail roster.

The Conrail group began talking with CSX in 2018 about acquiring the caboose and the railroad agreed to donate it once the car had been retired.

CSX also agreed to make some repairs and provide transportation of the car from Tennessee, where it was in service before retirement.

The caboose is now on the New York, Susquehanna & Western and is expected to be moved to the Delaware, Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

The DL&S plans to restore the Conrail livery and use the caboose on excursions starting in 2022.

Pa. Tourist RR Debuts PRR Lookalike FP7

February 20, 2018

A Pennsylvania tourist railroad has placed into revenue service a Pennsylvania Railroad look alike locomotive.

The Stourbridge Line debuted during President’s Day weekend a former Canadian Pacific GMD FP7 in a variation of the PRR’s FP7 livery.

The unit is painted Brunswick green with five yellow stripes and lettered “Pennsylvania.” Originally, the Pennsy’s FP7s featured a single solid stripe.

The Stourbridge Line provides service in the Pocono Mountains on a former 25-mile Erie Lackawanna branch.

Running along Lackawaxen Creek for most of its way, the tourist railroad is formally named the Delaware Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad. Trains run on weekends and Wednesdays. ​

The PRR replica locomotive once carried CP roster number 1306 but is now No. 9880.

The owner of No. 9880, Tom Myles, said he has a second FP-7 and a B-unit that he plans to rebuild and repaint.

Pa. Railroad Acquires ex-B&LE F7A

February 19, 2016

A former Bessemer & Lake Erie EMD F7A has been acquired by the Stourbridge Line tourist railroad in Pennsylvania.

B&LE logo 1No. 725 last operated on the Coe Rail dinner train in Michigan and is currently stored in Lansing, Michigan.

It currently wears a paint scheme similar to that used by the Erie Lackawanna.

Built in February 1953 as B&LE 725A, it was one of 28 F7As that were delivered to the Bessemer between 1950 and 1953. Some of the units are still operating on short line and tourist railroads.

The Stourbridge Line is operated by the Delaware, Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad.

Owner Tom Myles said on his company’s Facebook page that he is soliciting suggestions for a livery for No. 725.

NE Pa. Short Line Set to Resume Tourist Trains

March 22, 2015

A 25-mile tourist railroad in Northeast Pennsylvania will return to service on May 9.

Service on the Delaware Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad is set to launch over the 25-mile Honesdale-Lackawaxen line.

Tom Shepstone, executive director of the Honesdale-Lackawaxen Shippers Association, said the Myles Group of West Chester, Pa., has moved several pieces of rolling stock to Honesdale and invested about $30,000 to get the railroad’s EMD BL2 diesel locomotive up and running.

Shepstone said the railroad will re-establish the passenger excursions from Honesdale to Hawley and Lackawaxen and then revive freight service. He described the service as “desperately desired by the community.”

The railroad has contacted potential shippers who are expected to move propane and stone by rail. “We’d like to get some of the fracking business as well,” he said.

The Myles Group once owned and operated the Wellsboro & Corning Railroad which hosted the Tioga Central excursion trains until it sold 70 percent of the operation to the Genessee & Wyoming.

That experience in developing operations led the shippers group to approach Myles about helping to revive the Honesdale line, Shepstone says.

The Honesdale line is a former Lackawanna branch that Conrail didn’t want. Since 1976, the line has had several operators.

The line’s largest shipper closed in 1999 and the line hasn’t had rail freight service since 2008.

For more than 30 years, the shippers’ group and a local chamber of commerce sponsored seasonal excursion trains, using a former Bangor & Aroostook BL2 and former Lackawanna commuter cars.

NE Pa. Tourist Line May Restart in early 2015

September 28, 2014

The Delaware, Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad may reinstate passenger service early next year in northeast Pennsylvania.

The trains will travel 25 miles of former Erie Railroad track between Honesdale and Lackawaxen. The railroad ended excursion service in September 2012 for financial reasons.

“We want to bring the train back bigger and better than it was before,” said General Manager K.C. Smith.

The Lackawaxen & Honesdale Shippers Association, which owns the DL&S, has has approved agreements allowing the DL&S to restart passenger service.

Paul Brancato, a principal in Ideal Steel Supply Corp., purchased the railroad in May 2008 and hired Morristown & Erie to operate it. M&E had a 10-year operating agreement but pulled out in 2012. The new agreements put control of the line into the hands of DL&S.

The railroad has multiple plans to operate trains. The shippers association owns the locomotive and cars.

The locomotive, former Bangor & Aroostook BL2 No. 54, needs work, as do the tracks. Smith said the work will require a “significant investment.” The tracks are in good shape, but vegetation will need to be removed.

“We can’t wait for it to come back,” said Gail Tucker, executive director of the Greater Honesdale Partnership. She added that the excursions will attract tourist to Honesdale and give a boost to local businesses.

Shipper’s board member Donna LaBar said the excursions had drawn between 10,000 and 15,000 riders a year before the Great Recession began in 2008.