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Passing an Old Hotel in Clinton

February 4, 2021

An early era CSX train is westbound in Clinton on July 27, 1988. I was told by a local historian that house was once a hotel.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Early in the CSX Era

January 20, 2021

It’s early in the CSX era and we’ve paying a visit in June 1988 to the New Castle Subdivision in Kent. This eastbound manifest freight is reflective of the times with a CSX GP15T on the point and two trailing units painted in the livery of a CSX predecessor. The middle unit is wearing Chessie System colors.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Something You Haven’t Seen in a While

December 16, 2020

It is early in the CSX era in Akron. Former Seaboard System C30-7 in its Seaboard livery is leading a train on April 27, 1987. This isn’t, though, the unit’s original livery. When built by GE in September 1979, it was a Louisville & Nashville Unit where it had the same roster number. The Family Lines look pays tribute to that heritage.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

A Barberton Two for Tuesday

December 15, 2020

This week’s two for Tuesday finds us trackside in Barberton in two distinct eras in CSX history.

In the top image, Five CSX locomotives of varying liveries team up to pull a westbound auto rack train through Barberton on the New Castle Subdivision on Sept. 5, 2010. Lead unit 7589 is a GE C40-8 that was built in September 1989.

In the bottom image, we’ve gone back in time more than 22 years to March 11, 1988. This is a CSX train but the motive power all wears liveries of CSX predecessor railroads.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Chessie System Motive Power Two for Tuesday

November 2, 2020

They are both CSX trains, but are running with lead locomotives still wearing Chessie System colors and markings.

The top image is an eastbound in Easton during what looks to be hunting season in fall 1987.

The top image shows a westbound in Akron on Feb. 28, 1988.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Generational Lineup

October 9, 2020

The railroad probably didn’t intend it this way, but the motive power consist of this CSX train is in perfect order.

On the lead is a CSX GP15-1 No. 1523 followed by units in the liveries of Chessie System and Baltimore & Ohio.

What’s perfect here is that the ordering of the locomotives mirrors their historic evolution from B&O to Chessie to CSX.

The train is  west of Ravenna in June 1988.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Mixture of Eras in Warwick

August 4, 2020

The lead unit says this is the era of the Seaboard Coast Line, but the two trailing units are painted in an early CSX blue and gray livery. This westbound train is passing through Warwick in September 1988.

Photograph by Robert Farkas