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Museum Won’t Repaint BL2s Into Monon Colors

August 12, 2021

The Monon Railroad was among a handful of operators of EMD’s BL2 locomotive.

Although an Indiana railroad museum has acquired a pair of the units it has no plans to repaint them into Monon colors.

Instead the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum plans to keep them in their Bangor & Aroostook livery because the locomotives were originally delivered to that road.

The units, Nos. 52 and 56, arrived in North Judson, Indiana, in June. They had most recently operated on the Saratoga & North Creek, a New York State tourist railroad.

No. 52 was fired up on July 14 and reportedly ran pretty well despite having sat dead for three years. The unit has a few water leads that need to be fixed.

No. 56 has electrical problems that need to be resolved but that work is not expected to begin until No. 52 is operating and gains a Federal Railroad Administration blue card.

Museum officials have received many requests that No. 52 and 56 be repainted in Monon black and gold, but they say they want to maintain the historical accuracy of the locomotives.

One Monon BL2 has survived and is in the collection of the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, Kentucky. The Monon once had nine BL2 in service.

The Hoosier Valley Museum does have three pieces of former Monon equipment.

They include an SW1 switcher, steel transfer caboose 81551 and a 40-foot steel boxcar built in 1941.

Museum Seeks Fund to Restore BL2s

July 17, 2021

An Indiana museum is seeking to raise $5,000 to be used to restore its EMD BL2 diesels to operating condition.

The money would be enough to enable one of the two units to go into revenue service, said officials of the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum.

The former Bangor & Aroostook Railroad diesels were acquired during the bankruptcy sale of Iowa Pacific Holdings and are being leased to the museum by a museum member.

Built in 1949, the two units among 59 built with for branch line service. The two BL2s at the Hoosier Valley museum in North Judson are among seven that have been preserved.

Nos. 52 and 56 last worked at the New York tourist railroad Saratoga & North Creek Railway, which ceased operations in 2018.

Work needed to return No. 52 to service includes replacement of seals and gaskets, rebuild kits for water pumps, and other small items.

Donations marked for No. 52 can be submitted through the donation page on the museum’s website.

BL2s Arrive at Indiana Museum

June 24, 2021

Two BL2 locomotives have arrived at an Indiana railroad museum.

The units were formerly owned by the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad and acquired by a private owner from Iowa Pacific through a bankruptcy sale.

That owner has leased the units to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson.

The units leased by the Indiana museum wear a livery of the Saratoga & North Creek Railway, a New York tourist railroad that closed in 2018.

The BL2s arrived at the museum on June 19, delivered by the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad.

The 1,500 horsepower EMD locomotives were built in 1949 and designed for banch line service. EMD build 59 of them.

The Hoosier Valley plans to restore both BL2s to operating condition. They will be the first EMD products to operate at the museum.

For now the locomotives will remain in their current livery.

Officials said when the BL2s arrived they found that a number board had been stolen from one unit and a marker lamp taken from the other.

Indiana Museum Leases 2 BL2s

May 21, 2021

An Indiana railroad museum has leased two EMD BL2 locomotives that once operated on the Bangor & Aroostock Railroad in Maine.

The units were most recently operated in New York state on the Saratoga & North Creek Railway and were reported to be en route to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson.

The BL2 were built in 1949. Only 59 of the locomotives were built and seven have been preserved.

The units leased by the Indiana museum are painted in a blue, gray, and yellow scheme that somewhat resembles the Delaware & Hudson scheme.

“There has been a great deal of speculation online about these locomotives,” Kyle Flanigan, Hoosier Valley museum secretary, said in a news release. “At this time, we have no plans to repaint them. Railfans will get the opportunity to photograph the units in their current paint scheme.”

Officials said the BL2 will need mechanical work before they will be operable.

Cass No. 11 to Return to Service

July 13, 2017

This weekend will see Cass Scenic Railroad Shay No. 11 return to service after nearly a three-year absence.

No. 11 will participate in the Great Train Race celebration in Spruce, West Virginia, running alongside Western Maryland EMD BL2 No. 82, which has been repainted into the WM fireball paint scheme.

The Shay will also join Shays Nos. 2, 4, and 5 in operation at Cass this season, along with Cass Scenic Railroad Heisler No. 6 in Durbin, West Virginia.

Built in 1923 for the Hutchinson Lumber Company of Feather Falls, California, No. 11 spent much of the mid-20th century at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum in San Diego before going to Cass in 1997.

During its downtime, No. 11 underwent a Federal Railroad Administration required Form IV overhaul and the replacement of the locomotive’s left and rear firebox sheets.

Workers installed several hundred new rivets and staybolts and renewed several dozen flexible staybolts.

The locomotive also received a new stack and renewed bearings on the line shaft.