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Just Another Penn Central F Unit

June 25, 2020

If you can’t get enough of those F units from the camera of Bob Farkas, we’ve got another one for you today. Shown is Penn Central F7A No. 1683 in Cleveland on Sept. 15, 1974. It began life as New York Central 1683. It would later be renumbered by Conrail as 1798 in order to clear a roster spot for a GP15.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Just Another EL Monday

May 4, 2020

If it’s another manic Monday for you we’ve got just the thing to chase away those Monday morning blues.

Here at Akron Railroads its also another Erie Lackawanna Monday, which is our periodic tribute to the fallen flag that passed through Akron, Kent, Ravenna and Youngstown.

In the top image, an eastbound led by Alco C425 No. 2459 meets a westbound in Akron on Jan. 14, 1973.

The middle and bottom images feature the same train in Akron in the late 1960s, most likely in 1968.

The train is in Akron heading westbound with a motive power consist of an Alco RS3, EMD F7B, EMD F3B, GE U25B, EMD F3B, and an F7A.

In the middle is the full scene while the bottom image shows a closer crop.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Coming and Going in Painesville

April 15, 2020

It is early 1968 soon after the creation of Penn Central. A westbound train headed by four ex-New York Central locomotives, Nos. 1700 (EMD F7A), 3451 (EMD F7B), 3331 (Alco FB-2), and 1746 (EMD F7A), are on the point as they head through Painesville in a coming and going sequence.

Photographs by Robert Farkas


Clinchfield 800 Wraps up Stay in Ohio

October 29, 2019

Clinchfield F3A No. 800 completed a visit to Ohio last Sunday by pulling the last in a series of excursions sponsored by The Ohio Rail Experience on tracks once owned by the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton.

No. 800 is shown above in Snyder Park in Springfield before departing for Lima with the Lima Limited, which was billed as a fall foliage special.

The F unit pulled the train to Lima’s Lincoln Park where passengers had about a two-hour layover.

Pulling the train back to Springfield was former Nickel Plate Road GP30 No. 901, which has been repainted into its original NKP livery.

Additional photographs and a story about my chase of this train will be posted later this week.

Two for One

December 1, 2016



It is early in the Penn Central era (1968 or 1969), and PC 1665 (Notice the red “P” and white “C”) and New York Central 1666 are leading a northbound PC freight heading to Hudson. Is this an image of the ex-Erie Lackawanna Akron passenger station when it was still in use or a distant image of two F’s? You be the judge.

Article and Photographs by Robert Farkas

Railroading as it Once Was: Waiting in the Weeds in Scranton to be Rescued, Sold or Scrapped

September 16, 2016

EL 7091

An October 1976 trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania, yielded this photo of some stored former Erie Lackawanna F units.

Although the new Conrail was only a few months old, many former EL units had already been renumbered.

Unused junkers tucked away on some weed-infested siding didn’t rate the attention active units did, so here they sat still “untouched.”

Some of these units would get put back into service and renumbered into the Conrail system, but from what I can see the 7091 got shipped off to Altoona in ‘77 and never ran again.

She more than likely went to the scrapper proudly carrying the EL diamond on her nose.

Article and Photograph by Roger Durfee

Railroading as it Once Was: Veteran Pennsy F Units Living Out Their Final Years on Conrail

March 17, 2016

F Unit in Collinwood

The scene is Collinwood Yard in Cleveland in the early years of Conrail where two crew members are shuffling a pair of FP-7 locomotives.

The units were built for the Pennsylvania Railroad but are wearing, in part, their Penn Central look, which has been modified to give it a minimalist Conrail identify.

They have just arrived with a train from Columbus and are now backing into the engine service area as a yard job is already working their train in the background.

It’s July 1977 and these two old PRR veterans won’t be around much longer.

F units such as these were a common sight in the 1970s in Cleveland and Akron, often being assigned to the job that ran between Motor Yard in Macedonia and South Akron Yard.

Photograph by Roger Durfee

Saving a ‘Condemned’ Image from Oblivion

January 30, 2015




It was a cloudy day on June 17, 1977, just before the rain came. I was in Bangor, Maine, to photograph the Bangor & Aroostook.

The top image is a scan of the original slide. It was condemned to never be shown. BAR 42 (an EMD F-3A) looked as grubby as the day surrounding it.

In the middle image, I experimented by using Adobe Lightroom 5 to make the image black and white.

I clicked on the “Black and White” treatment under Development “Basic.” After trying to get a good black and white image, I edited it in Photoshop Elements 11 to tweak it and size it for the Akron Railroad Club blog. I liked what I saw.

Thankfully, I had not sized the original image in Photoshop Elements 11, so I went back to Lightroom 5 to get the image.

Because the image was now black and white and the original was from a color slide, I took the original image and went to “Basic” treatment “Color” and clicked it.

To my surprise, making the image look good in black and white had given me a good color image also (bottom image).

The new color image isn’t perfect, but it certainly looks a lot better than the original slide.

Article and Photographs by Robert Farkas