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RRE May Meet Online This Month

January 11, 2022

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts has canceled its January in-person meeting but may hold an online event in its place.

The group’s president, Marty Surdyk, said the meeting was canceled due to lack of a meeting venue and rising numbers of COVID-19 numbers in Northeast Ohio in recent weeks.

The RRE lease of a police union hall in Westlake expired at the end of 2021. The building recently was sold to a new owner.

The group held three virtual meetings in early 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic before resuming in-person meetings.

The Forest City Division normally meets on the second Friday of the month.

The 6 O’Clock Alarm Was Most Welcome

December 5, 2021

There’s a song by The Monkees titled Daydream Believer that has a line that goes “the 6 o’clock  alarm would never ring.”

On most mornings that I don’t have to work that would be a good thing, but on Thanksgiving morning, the 6 a.m. alarm had better ring; I’ve got trains to watch.

Up and out the door ASAP, I could hear a train rumble off in the distance as I headed to my Jeep in the parking lot of my apartment complex.

I turned on the scanner to hear “eye oh 20, Clear 14, two east”

“Take it easy approaching the tunnels eye oh 20; eye 157 is coming west and he’ll go first,” the
CSX dispatcher announced.

I decided to head straight to Berea, with a stop at the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts for some
breakfast along the way.

I took one bite of my croissant sandwich when a headlight appeared to the east on CSX. I 157 was
approaching. At 6:54 a.m. the first train of the day was logged. CSX 4551 and CSX 5389 were
heading a train of stacks and racks.

I had breakfast finished by the time the time the next move came by. It was NS 13Q. This mixed
freight was lead by a trio of NS 1189, NS 1184 and CSX 490.

As the last cars of 13Q were going by a headlight on CSX heralded an eastbound. This was Q560 with CSX 5346 and . . . “hey, what’s that last unit,” I thought to myself.

I caught the number as 4006. It was painted like an American Flag on the front and camouflage on the rear. “Have to look that up when I get home.”

About 10 minutes later NS had a hi-rail truck patrolling No. 1 track from Berea down to
CP Drawbridge. NS would be single tracking for the near future.

The scanner was quiet, and I was getting tired of sitting, so I walked down Depot Street to
Rocky River Drive and looked over the bridge replacement that NS is doing where Rocky River
Drive goes under their tracks.

A couple of hundred feet short of my Jeep, a light rain started to fall. This would be with us
most of the day.

The brief lull was broken by back-to-back CSX ethanol trains. The first was led by Union Pacific 2660 and NS 4027. The second had Canadian National 8963 up front and CN 3048 on the rear.

Just before the 9 o’clock hour was to begin, an NS westbound mixed freight made an appearance. They weren’t calling signals, so I didn’t get the symbol, but it had NS 7592, UP 5302 and
NS 7553 up front.

Next up at 9:47 an NS 16G made an appearance. This mixed freight was lead by NS 9546 and UP 8611. By now some of the attendees who had gone to breakfast at Bob Evans were arriving.

“Did you see the KCS Veteran’s Unit go by?” one of them asked. “So that’s what that was.”

NS had double stacks to run next at 10:13 a.m. as 20T rumbled past behind NS 7575/ NS 7577
and NS 1178.

Before 20T could clear, a fast charging I 166 slammed past behind CP 8502 up front and CP 8777 about half way back.

At 10:32 a.m. we watched NS 26E go by behind NS 4268, NS 8006 and NS 9956. The 26E
is a doublestack train.

I had to think about leaving soon, so I was off, but I did catch two additional CSX trains on the way home. These included a westbound mixed freight went that went under Front Street as I was going over, and I got stopped at Holland Road crossing by an eastbound stack train that turned out to be I 158. It had CSX 9045 leading one other CSX unit.

So if you’re keeping score, it was CSX 7, NS 6. Not a bad four hours of railfanning, with motive power from six of the seven Class 1 railroads. No BNSF this year.

I just wish the weather would cooperate and we could have a sunny Turkey Day. Maybe next year.

Article by Marty Surdyk

Scenes From RRE 2021 Turkey Shoot

December 5, 2021

RRE members watch I 166 pass through Berea. That is Marty Surdyk’s silver jeep behind them.
Bob Todten takes shelter from the rain in his vehicle.
Here comes the I 166 as NS train 20T passes nearby.
An eastbound NS manifest freight with Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific motive power passes through Berea.

Despite the cool temperatures and steady rain, a few brave Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts members still made it to Berea for the 46th Annual Turkey Shoot on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 25, 2021.

Marty Surdyk and Bob Todten arrived first, followed by another five members.

Both CSX and Norfolk Southern ran a few trains, including the I 166, the Canadian Pacific run through train on CSX with a 1+1 pair of CP GE’s which looked like they had previously been in coal train service, given their coating of what looked like coal dust on their car bodies.

In the photographs above, that is Marty’s  silver Jeep behind the group and Bob Todten, sitting in his SUV, avoiding the then-steady downpour. 

Back in 1975, Bob and I started what has become this annual tradition.

Article and Photographs by Mark Demaline

RRE Christmas Party is Friday

December 5, 2021

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts will have its annual Christmas Party on Friday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Fraternal Order of Police Hall at 26145 Center Ridge Road in Westlake.

Pizza will be served with attendees asked to pay a $6 cover charge to pay for the pizza. Attendees also are asked to help out by bringing snacks and non alcoholic beverages.

The program will be a member’s night format show of digital images and slides.

Presenters can present 25 to 30 images on any subject matter related to railroading.

The club’s digital and slide projectors will be available for your use. Digital images should be stored on a USB drive. Slides can be in a carousel tray or loose and shown via a stack loader.

The meeting may be the last that RRE is able hold at the FOP hall. The building has been sold and it is not clear yet if the new owners will continue to allow groups to use it for meetings.

Groups might be able to continue using the facility but be subject to a rent increase and other restrictions. RRE has a contract to use the facility through December but not beyond that.

President Marty Surdyk wrote in the RRE’s December newsletter that he hopes the good relationship RRE has with the current owners will be taken into consideration by the new owner.

If RRE is unable to use the FOP Hall, it will need to seek a new venue but locations willing to allow groups to use their property have diminished due to the COVID-19 pandemic and legal liability issues.

For now the next RRE meeting is still scheduled for Jan. 14, 2022, at a location to be determined.  The program presenter has not yet been announced.

RRE Sets Annual Turkey Shoot in Berea

November 22, 2021

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts will conduct its annual turkey shoot outing on Thanksgiving morning in Berea on Nov. 25.

Attendees will meet in the west end of the parking lot of the Berea Depot restaurant and watch and photograph trains until late morning.

An optional breakfast has been set at the Bob Evans at West 130th Street and Brookpark Road at 8 a.m. when the restaurant opens.

In past years some RRE members have eaten at the nearby Bob’s Big Boy but it won’t open on Thanksgiving morning until 9 a.m.

Jordak to Present Program at November RRE Meeting

November 8, 2021

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts will meet on Friday (Nov. 12) at 8:15 p.m. in Westlake.

The program will be presented by Jerry Jordak and is titled Adventures 2021. The program is expected to focus in part Jerry’s annual “bogus adventure” with two friends this past fall.

The trio annually spends a week railfanning before the Penn Central Historical Society Convention, which this year met in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Jerry and company spent time exploring rail operations throughout Pennsylvania during this year’s outing.

The RRE meeting will be held at the Fraternal Order of Police hall at 26145 Center Ridge Road.

Surdyk to Present RRE Program on Friday

October 3, 2021

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts will meet Friday (Oct. 8) in Westlake.

Marty Surdyk will present a slide show titled Something Old, Something New.

The meeting will begin at approximately 8:15 p.m. at the Western Cuyahoga Lodge 25 of the Fraternal Order of Police. At 26145 Center Ridge Road.

The club said that dues for 2022 are due and will be collected at the meeting. Dues are $20.

Upcoming meetings include the Nov. 12 meeting at which Jerry Jordak will present a digital program.

The December meeting will be the annual pizza party and member’s night and will begin at 7 p.m. Members are invited to bring slides or digital images to show.

On Thanksgiving morning (Nov. 25), RRE members will gather in Berea for the annual Turkey Shoot railfan outing.

RRE to Meet Friday in Westlake

September 7, 2021

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts will meet on Friday in Westlake.

The program will be presented by Jim Semon and is titled The Boats (and trains) in my life.

The meeting is expected to begin about 8:15 p.m. at the FOP Hall at 26145 Center Ridge Road.

Future meeting programs are Marty Surdyk in October and Jerry Jordak in November. The club plans to hold its annual Christmas party and member’s night in December.

RRE Picnic Sunday in Hudson

August 10, 2021

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts will hold its annual picnic on Sunday (Aug. 15) at Colony Park in Hudson.

The club has reserved the park’s pavilion from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The park is located next to the Cleveland Line of Norfolk Southern and a footbridge leading from the park allows for an overhead view of trains. The ridge has a fence with large chain links, but a camera lens might fit between the links.

Lighting will be favorable during the duration of the picnic.

The club will provide hamburgers and hot dogs along with an assortment of condiments.

Members are asked to bring drinks, snacks, desserts and side dishes.

There is no refrigeration available at the park so members should avoid bringing items that might spoil if left open for a long period of time.

Guests and family members are welcome to attend. The park has playground equipment for children, a basketball court, soccer fields and baseball diamonds. There is also a walking trail.

There will be no regular RRE meeting in August. The next meeting is Sept. 10 and will feature a program by Jim Semon.

RRE to Meet Friday in Westlake

July 6, 2021

The Forest City Division of the Railroad Enthusiasts will meet this Friday in Westlake.

The meeting will begin at approximately 8:15 p.m. at the FOP Hall at 26145 Center Ridge Road.

The program will be presented by Bob Todten.