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Little of Everything

February 10, 2023

CSX C40-8W No. 7892 leads an eastbound freight in Clinton in April 1998 that seems to have a little of everything in terms of motive power. No. 7892 was built in April 1993 and later wound up becoming a General Electric lease unit.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Splitting the Signals at CP Mace

August 3, 2022

Eastbound Conrail C40-8W No. 6111 has just split the westbound Pennsylvania Railroad position light home signals at CP Mace on the Fort Wayne Line in Massillon in August 1998. Built in March 1991, this unit later was assigned to CSX as part of the Conrail split in 1999. It later would be dealt to General Electric leasing.

Photograph  by Robert Farkas

CN Returns Standard Cab Units to Mainline Duty

June 10, 2022

Some standard cab locomotives have been returned to mainline service by Canadian National  after being sidelined or assigned to captive service since early 2021, Trains magazine reported this week on its website.

Some other units, including idled wide cab units, also have returned to service or are being prepared for a return as part of the railroad’s fall and winter surge fleet.

Most of the 134 GE C-40-8 units CN acquired between 2010 and 2012 have been parked or retired since 2020.

The Dash 8s are not expected to be mainstays on CN for long. The Trains report can be read at

Beneath Some Hilly Terrain in Clinton

February 18, 2022

The landscape in and around Clinton in southwest Summit County can take on the appearance of rolling hills and valleys. Such is the case in this image made May 13, 2014, of CSX C40-8W No. 7819 leading a westbound on the New Castle Subdivision. At the time this image was made the 7819 was 21 years old.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Westbound at Warwick Tower

March 4, 2021

CSX GE C40-8W leads a westbound past the former Warwick Tower in Clinton on May 20, 1997. The photographer is standing west of the tower and alongside the R.J. Corman line that comes up from Massillon. The train is a CSX coke express.

The photographer noted that trying to duplicate this image today could get you in trouble with CSX for trespassing. At the time this image was made, railroad officials were more tolerate of such activity so long as the photographer was being careful.

Photograph by Robert Farkas