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A Locomotive and its Caboose

June 27, 2021

Conrail GP38-2 No. 8089 and its caboose are en route to their next assignment in Canton in May 1985. The unit was built for Penn Central in February 1973 and would later go to work for Norfolk Southern.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Happy Birthday Conrail

April 8, 2021

Somehow it got by all of us that this month marks the 45th anniversary of the Consolidated Rail Corporation beginning operations.

So to mark the occasion we set the wayback machine dial to the Conrail era.

It’s Aug. 15, 1984, in Alliance. SD50 No. 6742 is leading a train toward Pittsburgh via the Cleveland Line line through Bayard, Ohio.

Nearby is a set of helper locomotives sitting in the yard, GP38-2 Nos. 8132 and CR 8126.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Never Know What You’ll Find

December 27, 2020

This is the Central Indiana & Western, a short line that operates about 10 miles of track between Anderson and Lapel in central Indiana.

No, it doesn’t operate passenger service. It is apparently storing equipment owned by Mid America Rail Car Leasing.

That includes former Amtrak baggage car No. 1100, which was built by Budd in 1953 for the Santa Fe, and a former Canadian National sleeper.

The locomotive, which still has some of its former Norfolk Southern markings, is a GP38-2 that is idling on a siding by a grain elevator with the passenger equipment.

Much of the C&IW business is agriculture products, but it also serves a glass company located at the end of track in Lapel, where this image was made in early December.

Lined Up in Cleveland

October 22, 2020

A pair of Penn Central GP38-2 locomotives, Nos. 8015 and 8010 are in line at the Collinwood engine facility in Cleveland on May 13, 1973. Also visible is a switcher, a high-nose GP7 and the nose of an F unit at the far right. It’s the heart of the Penn Central era, but it will only last another three years before Conrail comes on the scene to take over the bankrupt PC.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Another Conrail Two for Tuesday

October 19, 2020

Its another Conrail two for Tuesday with images from Orrville (top) and Alliance. Both locomotive shown are GP38-2 models.

In Orrville on June 26, 1996, No. 8226 works on the Fort Wayne Line. The unit was built in September 1978.

No. 8226 is shown working eastbound on the Fort Wayne Line in Alliance in October 1988.

The unit was built for Penn Central in March 1973. Both units were later conveyed to CSX.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Another P&LE Locomotive to View

May 12, 2020

The wayback machine has taken us to Youngstown and we’re on the property of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie on Aug. 25, 1979.

That’s a GP38-2 we’re looking at working in the yard. The unit is a mere couple years old having been built in June 1977.

It would later wind up on the roster of the Grand Trunk Western where it had roster number 5846.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Heading Out of Seville

May 6, 2020

Traffic on the CSX line that operates out of Sterling to Cleveland and Lorain can be rather sparse these days so let’s go back a few years.

It is July 2, 2004 and CSX GP38-2 No. 2801 is leading a train southbound out of Seville.

The line split at Lester with one branch going to Lorain and another to Cleveland.

Now the line where this image was made is seldom used with CSX running a local out of Cleveland to pick up and deliver cars to shippers along the line.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

At Work With NS Fort Wayne Line Locals

March 3, 2020

Today we pay another visit to the Fort Wayne Line of Norfolk Southern to watch the locals at work.

In the top image local C03 is rolling eastbound on Feb. 19 through Burton City, which is located between Orrville and Massillon.

On the point is GP38-2 No. 5358, which is typical motive power for a local.

In the next photo down the C03 is shown going away with NS 3380, an SD40-2, and NS 5801, a GP38-3, facing westward.

In the next set of photographs, which are posted below, we’ve relocated to Massillon and are watching local C67 at work.

The motive power for this train is SD40E No. 6349 and G38-2 No. 5638.

In the top image the train is splitting the signals at CP Mace on the northwest side of Massillon.

The middle image is a roster shot while the bottom image shows the train drifting downgrade to work an industry.

Photographs by Robert Farkas


CSX Trains in Warwick in July 2004

February 26, 2020

It’s July 2004 and CSX is more than a decade into the YN2 livery era. The gold, blue and gray livery adorned thousands of CSX locomotives and some called it “bright future” while others used the term “hockey stick.”

In the top image GP38-2 No. 2910 leads an eastbound through Clinton (Warwick) on July 21.

In the bottom image, SD40-2 No. 8088 leads a westbound through Warwick on July 23.

It was also an era before wide cab locomotives became the standard.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Short Line Paints Locomotive in IT-Inspired Livery

November 7, 2019

An Indiana short line railroad has repainted a high-hood GP38-2 into an Illinois Terminal inspired livery.

The Indiana Eastern Railroad applied the green and yellow to a former Southern Railway unit recently and put it into revenue service this week.

IE had purchased the unit from Norfolk Southern in October 2017. The unit was once used by NS at a training center in Georgia.

Built in September 1979, No. 5255 replaces at the IE a pair of Alger, Winslow & Western SD9s as the railroad’s primary power.

No. 5255 made its first revenue trip with its new look on Nov. 4.

George Andres, CEO and co-owner of the IE and a sister operation Ohio South Central Railroad, tells Trains magazine that the inspiration for the new livery came from a combination of the “John Deere Green” IT livery used on its GP20’s and the original IT light green with yellow noses used on GP7s.

No. 5255 can  be found working in and around IE’s home in Cottage Grove, Indiana, on most weekday mornings.

IE still has its SD9s with one serving as a backup and the other stored serviceable.