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Hamilton Accepts Donation of B&O Depot

June 11, 2021

The city council of Hamilton, Ohio, voted 5-2 this week to take possession of the former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station.

But the building’s fate is far from decided and some council members are opposed to spending city funds to move and preserve the depot that is more than a century old.

Preservation supporters have urged the city to move the building 500 feet away and renovate it into a community and business center.

However, moving the building is estimated to cost $600,000 and the cost of renovating the station and the site on which it would sit has been put at $1.5 million.

“I struggle with the cost to relocate the historic depot,” Hamilton mayor Pat Moeller said. “I really, really struggle with the loss of a historic building that connects Hamilton to Lincoln, Truman and Eisenhower.”

Council member Susan Vaughn argued against spending city funds to move and preserve the building, but seemed open to some sort of city matching donation.

 “We received thousands of signatures on petitions,” she said. “Maybe if each one of those came with a $100 commitment, maybe we would’ve raised $200,000. Maybe that would help with the moving.”

Another council member, Carla Fieher, said the money that might be spent on saving the depot would be better used for other purposes.

Yet mayor Moeller countered that no other building in town has the history the depot has. “We seem to get more and more convenience stores, but less and less historic buildings.”

The council ultimately voted to accept the depot as a donation from owner CSX, which no longer uses the structure located along the Toledo Subdivision.

The council will discuss at its next meeting what to do with the depot it has now agreed to accept.

Group Presses to Preserve Hamilton Depot

May 20, 2021

The former Baltimore & Ohio station in Hamilton is no longer used by owner CSX.

Effort to preserve the former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station in Hamilton, Ohio, were pushed this week by a local preservation group.

The Citizens for Historic And Preservation Services group asked the Hamilton City Council to spend $600,000 to move the depot two blocks onto city-owned property.

The group also wants the city to buy the structure, which was constructed by the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton.

The station, the group said, “can be the catalyst for extending the revitalization of downtown” into the area with the station.

The station, which is owned by CSX, is actually two buildings, one of which was built in the 1860s and another in the 1880s.

The preservation group said both are worth preserving due to their “unique architectural qualities.” Although council members have expressed support for the project some also have expressed concerns about not knowing how much more it would cost to renovate the structure for a yet-to-be-determined purpose.

‘Invisible’ L&N Heritage Units

April 5, 2021

It may not be obvious but you are looking at two Louisville & Nashville heritage units.

No, CSX GP38-3 No. 2031 and SD40-3 No. 4065 are not wearing any L&N markings. But both units were purchased by the L&N decades ago.

Neither unit, though, came from the EMD factory looking like they do in this photograph of CSX southbound manifest freight Q561 in Hamilton, Ohio.

They were delivered as, respectively, a GP38-2 and an SD40-2. A few years ago CSX rebuilt each locomotive and in the process gave it a new squared-off cab that some wags have described as SpongeBob SquareCab after a children’s cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.

In case you were wondering, the 2031 was built in April 1972 as L&N No. 4061. The 4065 emerged as L&N 8074.

The train they are helping to pull will soon complete its journey from Selkirk Yard near Albany, New York, to Queeesgate Yard in Cincinnati.

The image was made last Friday on the joint line used by southbound CSX and Norfolk Southern trains in Hamilton.

Article and Photograph by Craig Sanders

Hamilton Gets Another Year to Save Depot

March 31, 2021

Officials in Hamilton will have a little more time to save the city’s former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station.

CSX has agreed to give Hamilton a year to raise money to move the depot to another location.

Officials have discussed moving it two blocks away to a site near the CSX Indianapolis Subdivision.

CSX had indicated that it will raze the historic structure if local officials do not move it off site.

Estimates are moving the station will cost $300,000 and restoration will cost another $300,000.

Hamilton Still Seeking Funding to Save B&O Station

February 20, 2021

The mayor of Hamilton, Ohio, is still seeking funding to pay to move the city’s historic former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station to an as yet undetermined site.

“I cannot give any update which is exactly where we want to be, but I do know that there is great interest amongst citizens as well as historic groups,” said Mayor Pat Moeller.

A former city clerk, Nick Garuckas, had been leading the effort to find grant money for the station project but he recently moved out of the area after starting a new job.

“I hope to pick up some of those avenues and see what we can do to continue the talk of making it a special place in Hamilton,” Moeller said. “I’m obviously going to need help, and I know there’s interest among council members, there’s interest obviously among citizens, interest among historic groups.”

The station is now located on South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and city officials are eyeing the prospect of moving it to a nearby site although a specific location has yet to be identified.

Moeller has proposed calling it the Lincoln-Truman-CSX Train Station.

Abraham Lincoln gave a speech near the station in 1959 and Harry Truman also spoke near the station in 1948.

The mayor said he probably should call for a meeting of interested parties to see who would would be interested in helping the city explore grant possibilities and community partnerships.

Kathy Creighton, executive director of the Butler County Historical Society, has called for the former station being made into a museum, saying Butler County has a rich railroad history.

Hamilton Still Seeking to Save B&O Station

April 17, 2020

Hamilton County interests are still working to save from demolition the former Baltimore & Ohio railroad station.

CSX has told the city it will raze the abandoned structure unless it pays to move it away from railroad property.

The city has not yet announced how it will fund that, but Mayor Pat Moeller said he is looking into how much moving the building would cost and how it could be funded.

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed that effort, but Moeller said the city has told CSX that it wants to preserve the building.

The depot dates to the mid 19th century. Abraham Lincoln gave a speech there during his 1859 run for president and President Harry Truman spoke there in 1948.

Hamilton was a stop for Amtrak’s Chicago-New York Cardinal, between 1980 and 2005.

The station will need extensive rehabilitation as it is poor condition.

If the city is able to find the funding, it plans to move the station several blocks away.

Among the ideas discussed for what to do with the depot are using it for a museum, restaurant or event space.

The station is currently located at the junction between CSX routes to Toledo and Indianapolis. The latter route is still used by the Cardinal.