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PC Heritage Unit in Altoona

March 20, 2018

Todd Dillon writes that he took a trip to Pennsylvania last weekend and managed to catch the Penn Central heritage locomotive leading Norfolk Southern train 20W at Alto tower in Altoona.

Yesterday on this site we had a PC train being led by New York Central locomotives. Today we feature an NS train with a PC lookalike unit.

One of these days we’ll feature an actual PC train with an actual PC locomotive.

Photograph by Todd Dillon

When the Monogahela Met the Cuyahoga and Other Tales of Norfolk Southern Heritage Units

September 5, 2012

I landed photographs of two Norfolk Southern heritage locomotives over the weekend, both in Cleveland.

The top photograph of Bridge 2 is my photo of NS train 205 with the Monongalela heritage unit leading that I like to call “Where the Monongahela meets the Cuyahoga.”
The clouds had thickened by the time the train had refueled and recrewed at Rockport Yard, so there was no sun on the shot at Sheldon Road just east of Berea.
On Monday, in one of the more interesting consists I’ve seen in a while, the Central of Georgia heritage locomotive was paired with EMDX 2012 on the 11V.

Again, other commitments that morning found me heading for Lewis Road just west of Berea to intercept it.

The sun would be the best there and there was a signal bridge and milepost to add some interest to the photo, e.g., not just “engine shots.”

A cloud and NS 14N almost skunked me there, but luck was with me and both cleared just in time. Note the dark trees in the distance and the EOT of the 14N.

After a quick run on the Ohio Turnpike to Route 250, I headed for the Strecker Road crossing in hopes of one more photo of this interesting duo. The wait was short with the clouds clearing just in time once again.
After getting the above MGA photographs, I was off to the Cleveland Air Show at Burke Lakefront Airport.

A Canadian fighter jet put on a great show, seen here just shy of the sound barrier.

Later, I caught the nose of a westbound NS train passing in the distance behind a V22 Osprey (I think).

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee

NS Heritage Units at CP 107

August 17, 2012

The Norfolk Southern CNJ heritage unit made a daylight trip through our area on Thursday on train No. 553, empty WEPX hoppers to load at Kensington on the Cleveland Line.

I finished up work and headed for CP 107 in Bedford. The wait was short as this train was moving right along.
I also managed to grab a photo of the “NS NS” unit leading 60T from my “office” last week, also at CP 107.

Photographs by Roger Durfee

Mr. Erie, Meet Mr. Lackawanna

July 11, 2012

The Norfolk Southern 30th anniversary heritage locomotives didn’t just sit around the roundhouse during the railroad festival at the North Carolina Transportation Museum last week. The locomotives were moved out in a parade.

In some instances, they were paired with locomotives with which they shared historical significance. NS doesn’t have an Erie Lackawanna heritage locomotive, but it does have engines that honor the Erie and the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroads.

Here is a selection of some of the pairings.

Photographs by Roger Durfee

The Virginian heritage unit, an original Norfolk Southern Baldwin, and the Lackawanna unit.

About the only thing that the Illinois Terminal and DL&W had in common was that both wound up becoming part of railroads that would eventually become Norfolk Southern.

The heritage unit honoring the first railroad named Norfolk Southern poses with the NCTM’s “original” Norfolk Southern Baldwin AS616.

‘Valley Girl’ Basks in the Sunshine

April 25, 2012

A friend of mine coined the nickname “Valley Girl” for the Lehigh Valley 30th anniversary heritage locomotive of Norfolk Southern and it seems to fit.

We had secured permission to enter the area where the new girl was Tuesday morning (April 24) for some photographs. We were just glad that the sun was out after the previous days of snow and rain.

The Valley Girl is a beauty! They had to move her over a track while we were there, which allowed us a view of one of the “Admiral Cab” SD60 rebuilds nose to nose with the 8104.

Photographs by Roger Durfee