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Steamy Memories From 1985

May 14, 2020

Here are some more photographs made by Ed Ribinskas in 1985, most of them involving photographing a steam excursion. He said he remembers each image as if they recently occurred.

In the image above, Nickel Plate Road No. 765 is on the wye on May 12 at Homewood, Pennsylvania, alongside and over the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The Berkshire-type engine had developed a hot bearing near East Palestine, Ohio, during an excursion between Orrville and Pittsburgh.

The 765 had to be replaced with Conrail diesel locomotives. The steamer was turned at Homewood and then limped back to Orrrville.

In the first photograph below, a Bre/Leyland Railbus operated in a six-week trial run between downtown Cleveland and Mentor that started April 28.

The trial involved five roundtrips Monday through Friday over Norfolk Southern (former Nickel Plate) tracks.

The Cleveland terminus was Tower City. The railbus would leave on Cleveland RTA Rapid tracks and switch over to NS near the 55th Street yard.

The Mentor terminus was at Ohio Route 615 where it is shown.

Ed said he rode the trip on May 3 and remembered that the late J. Gary Dillon, the long time vice president of the Akron Railroad Club, was aboard.

The next photograph is NKP 765 in Madison on June 16 during a ferry move from Buffalo, New York.

It was returning to Bellevue and having pulled a series of excursions between Buffalo and Corning, New York.

Next up is Norfolk & Western No. 611 during an excursion from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Bellevue.

The train is shown soaring over the Cleveland Flats westbound on Aug. 3 in an image made from the Abbey Avenue bridge.

The 611 is shown again during that same excursion, but this time at Old Broadway in Cleveland east of downtown on the return trip to Erie.

Finally, the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey circus train is cruising alongside Interstate 71 in Cleveland on Nov. 4 in an image made from Ridge Road.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas